10 Rodent and Deer Resistant Flower Bulbs! 🌸 #shorts

Are you planting flower bulbs this fall? 🌸🌼 I hope you find this video and the tips below helpful and inspire you to plant a bulb lawn as well!💚 For valuable information and creative ideas, make sure to visit https://www.flowerbulbs.com 🌷 ✅ When planting bulbs, make sure to select a low-traffic area where it receives at least 6 hours of sunlight. Bulbs thrives best in well-drained and neutral soil and no standing water. ✅ Plant once and done. These bulbs will multiply giving you more blooms year after year, making them a great investment! ✅ Provides important early season pollen and nectar for pollinators. Select single flowering bulbs so insects have better access to pollen and nectar. ✅ Squirrel, (other rodents), and deer resistant, with the exception of tulips and crocus. ✅ Never need to weed and don’t mow until the foliage is yellow around May. ✅ Low inputs, water once after planting. Unless you live in an arid climate, watering once to settle the soil around the newly planted bulbs is enough. Fall rain will take care of the rest!🌧 When to Plant: ✳️ September to October — Zones 4 and 5
✳️ October to early November — Zones 6 and 7
✳️ November to early December — Zones 8 and 9
✳️ Late December to early January — Zone 10 Happy Gardening! 🌼🌷🌸 #flowerbulbs #flowergarden #shorts #flowerbulbsdotcom #flowerbulbs.com #pollinatorfriendly #pollinatorgarden #pollinators #organicgardening #sustainablegardening #wildlife

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