12 aromatic herbs to grow in water all year

Having a garden of aromatic herbs at home is a great idea. Allows you to always have on hand your favourites to add them to your favorite dishes. And you don’t need great knowledge or even, in this case, a pinch of earth. These aromatic that we relate to here are those that are commonly used to spice up preparations for dining and you can grow them in a glass of water.

And who says a glass of water, says any glass container. The glass jars of preserves are excellent for this purpose. Let’s see what herbs you can grow in this way so simple and original.

Cilantro is an ingredient that can not miss in some rice dishes, stews and many other dishes. In the mexican kitchen can never miss the cilantro as well as many others. We’ll put the cilantro in a sunny place or in partial shade.

Lavender smells incredibly good, and you can do with it a tea or an oil. It is used to relieve depression, migraines and cramping, and also to induce sleep. Lavender prefers sunny locations and with a large amount of fresh air.

The chives adds a soft flavor and aroma, as well as texture, to a multitude of culinary preparations. Their cultivation is easy and you just need a location with plenty of light.

The balm is used medicinally for the relief of anxiety, improve digestion and induce sleep. The place it in a sunny place.

Thyme is another aromatic herb origin to the mediterranean and is rich in essential oils. You also need a lot of sun to grow. It is usually dry by cutting the stems almost to the ground and by hanging it in bunches in a cool, dry place with little light. Its flowers are also used to flavor and decorate different dishes.

The basil needs to have between 6 and 8 hours of sunlight each day. If you live somewhere very warm it is advisable to stay in the shade in the middle hours of the day. The key ingredient in many dishes of the Italian cuisine.

Peppermint or spearmint can be used in infusion or as a seasoning. Grows best in locations with partial shade or in full, although light.

Oregano is another aromatic herb basic in the mediterranean cuisine in general. Needs a lot of sun and can be used both in fresh as dried.

Rosemary is another aromatic herb of mediterranean origin and that the more sun you need. Is mainly used for the seasoning of meats for its strong aroma and flavor.

Sage is used in various preparations of eggs, chicken, lamb, or pineapple. You need good lighting but not too much direct sun.

Marjoram is used both for cooking and for cosmetic preparations. In the kitchen serves to season dishes of chicken and other meats. It is also an ingredient present in the composition of some lotions and soaps from bath.


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