13 top tips for growing the best tomatoes in the pot

Eat a good tomato with olive oil and salt is one of the great pleasures of life. Pleasure in addition to cheap and within the reach of anyone. Maybe that’s why the cultivation of tomatoes is one of the most widespread among the gardeners fans. You can grow tomatoes, as you know, even in a pot, and to succeed we will show you these 13 simple tips.

1.- The location

It is essential simply because the tomato plant is a plant that needs at least 6 hours of direct sun each day. It is also very important that they are located in a place with good air circulation and if you have several bushes that are not too seals. You avoid problems with fungal diseases.

2.- The pot

All the tomato plants are not created equal, some grow more than others and therefore need more space for their roots. For dwarf varieties and bush low enough for us with a pot of about 11 liters capacity. For the other varieties we will need pots of around 25-30 litres capacity.

3.- The substrate

Use a good substrate for filling your pots. So you give your tomato plants a half-light, fluffy and well-drained soil to grow. The garden soil, unless it is of good quality, can be too heavy and especially can be contaminated by viruses and bacteria.

4.- Choice of the variety

You can grow any variety of tomato in a pot but it is also true that some work better than others in these circumstances. There are a lot of them and it is easier to take a look here or find out in your garden centre as usual.

5.- Grow determinate varieties

They are so-called varieties of tomatoes have a determinate growth. Usually do not exceed 90-120 cm of height. Between these varieties there are both hybrid as rustic.

6.- Use a good cultivation technique

Unlike most plants vegetable garden, the tomato needs to be grown to a sufficient depth. It promotes a good growth of the root system. When plant specimens purchased in our garden center we will do this covering of earth about 2/3 of the seedling. If the tomato plant is about 25 cm in height we only leave about 7.5 cm into the air.

7.- Use a good organic fertilizer

The tomato plant is a plant of a sweet tooth that needs a lot of food. The organic fertilizer type blood meal, bones, or soy will provide nutrient quality because they have a good balance of phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium.

8. The irrigation

The tomato plant is also quite demanding about it. You need to always have a certain degree of moisture in the soil. And since then never water them the tomato plants, as you can see in this photo, never ever have to wet the plant.

9.- The trellising

It is a common practice in the cultivation of tomatoes. Except in the case of plants it kills low that it does not require it. The cages as you see in this picture are an easy solution and practical for entutorar your tomato plants. Not only maintain the plant but that can serve as the basis for placing a mesh to protect the plant of unwanted insects.

10.- Pruning and pinching

The pruning is only used in individuals who grow up together, and in which it is necessary to improve the circulation of air. Are deleted on all the branches that grow into the center of the plant. In the case of impingement, much longer than usual, trying to remove the new shoots that appear at the bottom of the plant. The grip is a good measure to improve the productivity of the plant.

11.- Regular inspection of plants

All the above measures will serve very little if we do not have a regular monitoring of the health status of our tomato plants. At least once per week we will review thoroughly in search of any sign of disease or infestation.

12.- The harvest

Harvest tomatoes at their optimum will allow us to enjoy all the flavor and aroma of our tomatoes. The color will tell all, also the touch and easily release the pedicle of the stem are good indicators of the ideal time of harvest.

13.- Cleaning

The task does not end with the harvest, next year we will want to grow tomatoes again. Proper cleaning and disinfection of the pots will be fundamental to this. The empty, will wash well and give them a disinfectant bath with chlorinated water. We will have them ready for the next crop of tomatoes or whatever you prefer.


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