14 Mint Varieties We Are Growing #shorts

#mint #herbs #gardening Hello friends! ☺️Here are the 14 varieties of mint we are currently growing! Loving the different aromas! Some are hybridized.💚 🌱Scientific name: Mentha, Lamiaceae family. Names of varieties below. ⬇️ ✅Make sure to keep mint plants in their own containers to prevent spread and losing their distinctive aroma and flavors. If planted in the ground they will take over that particular area. They propagate via rhizomes. ✅A rectangular shaped container would make a perfect home as they tend to spread sideways/laterally. This will allow plenty of room for them to propagate. Repot your mint plants and replenish soil annually for best performance. How do you use mint from the garden? Happy Gardening! 🌿💚🌿💚 1. Spearmint 2. Chocolate 3. Grapefruit 4. Berries and Cream
5. Apple
6. Strawberry 7. Orange 8. Mountain 9. Banana 10. Ginger mint 11. Pineapple 12. Basil mint 13. Lavender mint
14. Corsican mint Estepona Gardener Estepona Gardening

Empresas de Mantenimiento en Estepona

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