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17 homemade solutions against weeds

Expenditure on herbicides is the largest of all of the products that are used in agriculture and with a great difference. Are not cheap and you need to be using them continuously. When you have a small garden or orchard, because the truth, as that it would not be desirable very much to spend the money on those things and keep them close to you and yours for even less. We have collected 17 homemade solutions against weeds that you can lend a hand in this perpetual battle. And don’t forget the hand and the hoe which are the remedies most healthy and economic.

17 homemade solutions against weeds 1

1.- Vinegar

Lately very fashionable in all regards to household cleaning, vinegar can also help us in the garden. The vinegar contains acetic acid that kills the foliage of plants and increases the acidity of the soil. A spray bottle with vinegar and a couple drops of dishwasher you’ll do very well to kill the weeds. Dishwashing liquid or any soap in reality it will act as a moisturizer helping to make the used fluid adhering to the leaves of the plant. Obviously do not use it between crops because it will damage all of the plants equally, or do so with great care not to wet the plants grown.

2.- Borax

Borax is a product that is used for cleaning the house and washing the clothes. If we prepare a solution of 250 grams of borax dissolved in 8 liters of water we can use it to finish off the weeds. It acts by contact, we will have the same precautions with the plants grown as we have said before vinegar. There is that have in addition to care with our hands and use gloves for handling and use.

17 homemade solutions against weeds 2

3.- Essential oils of citrus

Limonene is the substance, one of them, present in the essential oils of citrus fruits. It is also the one that gives them their typical aroma. Sprayed onto the leaves of weeds in them dissolves their protective coating and makes it easier for other agents to harm them irremediably. Can we mix essential oil of any citrus with vinegar and a teaspoon of citric acid plus a few drops of liquid soap. You end up with the aerial parts of all plants that pulvericemos.

17 homemade solutions against weeds 3

4.- Dishwasher liquid

By itself it does not do anything to the weeds, but it will be an essential component in all home remedies to avoid the liquid to drain quickly over the surface of the plant. Simply mixed with salt or vinegar as it increases considerably the effect of these products.

17 homemade solutions against weeds 4

5.- Coconut oil

The fatty acids disrupt the ability of a plant to carry out biological activities normal as photosynthesis and transpiration. In addition to dissolve the waxy layer that protects the leaves and thus causes the plant to accumulate too much water, you
wilting, and eventually die.

17 homemade solutions against weeds 5

6.- Salt

The property herbicide of the salt has been exploited for hundreds of years. The salt changes the pH optimum of the soil and kills plants by depriving them of their water content and causing severe dehydration. The only drawback is that the salt is quickly diluted in water and loses its effectiveness with the rain. For its effect is not recommended to use this remedy in the area of cultivation. It is best reserved for roads or areas that are not going to cultivate any plant.

17 homemade solutions against weeds 6

7.- Boiling water

The boiling water kills the plants it touches. It is simple, inexpensive and particularly effective in killing annual weeds. However it can also be used to control perennial weeds that have small roots.

17 homemade solutions against weeds 7

8.- Bleach

It is not only a cleaner that is wonderful but also a herbicide lethal. It is best to use it to kill weeds mature along the crevices and cracks of the driveway or the lawn. The lye damages the soil so that it is not recommended to use in areas of cultivation.

17 homemade solutions against weeds 8

9.- Sugar

The sweet killer it also for the plants. The method is simple because we only need to take a full cup, or even a handful of sugar and sprinkle around the base of the weed. Cover the soil thickly over the area of the root of the weed and check back in a day or two if the area is still full of sugar and the weed shows any symptoms of decay. In the opposite case, repeat the process. Apparently, they are doing scientific studies on the subject, the effect is related to the neutralization of the nitrogen in the soil.

17 homemade solutions against weeds 9

10.- Geneva

Because of its high content in alcohol can dehydrate the leaves of the weeds and eventually kill them. It is best to pulverizarla to full sun, and with care not to damage our crops.

17 homemade solutions against weeds 10

11.- Corn flour

In reality this is not a herbicide but a substance pre-emergent. Prevents the germination of seeds deposited in the soil. No plant is able to grow on the corn flour. It is therefore a preventive measure to keep in mind to have areas without vegetable invaders.

17 homemade solutions against weeds 11

12.- Alcohol

As before we said of gin, alcohol is a powerful dehydrating agent. What pulverizaremos exclusively on the plants to remove so as not to damage the crops.

17 homemade solutions against weeds 12

13.- Clove oil

Clove oil is another substance effective to combat the excessive growth of weeds. It is not toxic and does not alter the natural pH of the soil in any way. In addition, it serves a double purpose because it also repels pests. It works better with the weeds of summer that of winter. If we add vinegar and a pinch of salt will increase its efficacy herbicide.

17 homemade solutions against weeds 13

14.- Lemon juice

The citric acid burns the leaves of the weeds. The experts recommend the combined use of vinegar, boiling water and lemon juice in those weeds persistent that simply does not stop growing.

17 homemade solutions against weeds 14

15.- Sodium bicarbonate

The weeds can not survive when exposed to a high concentration of salt. The sodium bicarbonate, when used in large amount, increases the salinity of the soil and makes the weeds wilt and die. Not suitable for areas of cultivation.

17 homemade solutions against weeds 15

16.- Coffee grounds

Although not itself a herbicide, the coffee grounds used as mulch prevents the spread of weeds, and are also full of nutrients for your plants.

17 homemade solutions against weeds 16

17.- Vodka

Its mechanism of action is the same as that of the geneva and the alcohol since it is dehydrating the leaves of the bad plant. Especially effective with the plantain, the verbasco, or mullein and dandelion, as well as with other weeds broadleaf.

17 homemade solutions against weeds 17


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