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5 tips for the proper watering of tomatoes

The passion for the cultivation of tomatoes has no limit among aficionados of horticulture. When anyone starts their first huertecito never stops to plant some tomato plants. Are the tomatoes so versatile and participate in so many dishes that we all want to grow. Although this crop is not an easy one can be successful if we respect their needs and characteristics. And one with which you have to be more careful with the watering. Let’s see 5 tips for the proper watering of tomatoes that will help us in this venture.

5 tips for the proper watering of tomatoes 1

1.- Watering slowly.

The goal is to get the water to penetrate 15-20 cm below the ground level to encourage the growth of the roots in the area. This will result in a greater ability to absorb nutrients and make the plant more large and fruitful. It is important therefore to consider the possibility of placing a drip irrigation system that will allow us a watering slow and steady.

5 tips for the proper watering of tomatoes 2

2.- Watering on a regular basis.

You can not give every specific and concrete as it is dependent on multiple factors. With the observation we will see for ourselves when it begins to dry the ground. According to the characteristics of our soil or climate where you live this can happen every day or even several times a day or once or twice a week. The important thing is that once I can do how long it takes for the soil to begin to dry out water it regularly so that the tomato plants do not suffer. It is normal to see a little fall and lacias at noon when it’s hot, but the sunset must regain its freshness and if not what do is that are going thirsty and we will have to water them the next morning.

5 tips for the proper watering of tomatoes 3

3.- Do not wet the plant (aerial part) to the watering.

The tomato plant and especially when a fruit does not tolerate well that mojemos their stems and leaves to the water. We may wet the floor if regásemos in the early hours of the day but always leave stains and traces are not desired unless you use distilled water. The water must be poured over the roots that are going to take advantage of. In addition we have to bear in mind that tomato plants can suffer from many fungal diseases and wet the plant will worsen this predisposition. These dishes from irrigation, which can be seen above facilitate the task of the irrigation to avoid wetting the plant and also regulate the flow of water to penetrate little by little.

4.- Not watering the tomatoes for the night.

As we have said before there is not to wet the plant when watering to avoid fungal diseases. The fungi need moisture and cool temperatures to thrive so if you irrigate at night in a certain way we are facilitating the work and propiciándoles their best conditions in which to live. Avoid well water at night even if the tomato plants are lacias, you can expect to spend the night and the regaremos at dawn with full security.

5 tips for the proper watering of tomatoes 4

5.- The collar.

Mulching is a practice that is essential in the cultivation of tomatoes. Mulch with organic matter, bark, coconut fiber, straw, or other helps to delay the evaporation of the water and also esponjan the floor to go along with the same which promotes aeration. And as it degrades it increases the quality and nutrients of the soil. We will reduce the frequency of irrigation with the consequent savings.

The rain water is the best for watering the tomatoes so that there will be more to prepare a container to collect rain water. This is even more important if the water in our region is very hard or contains a lot of lime. The water is rich in dissolved salts is not the best for the irrigation of tomatoes.


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