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7 pests that you should never ignore in your garden

Simply because you can be left with a wasteland. Never ignore any problem that pains your plants but since then you should never ignore any of these 7 pests that in a short time can destroy your plants. Let’s see how to recognize and what to do with these nuisances living if they decide to settle in your garden.

7 pests that you should never ignore in your garden 1

The aphids are a few devourers insatiable of sap and can slow down the growth of your roses, honeysuckle and a long list of plants. But not content with that, the aphids can also introduce viruses and fungus in your plants. Against the aphids, we can establish some preventive measures such as growing Lobularia maritima to attract wasps, big-eating aphids. We can also cultivate cosmos attract lacewings, and other insect-devouring aphid, or penstemon, and yarrow to attract ladybugs, which are also a few avid consumers of aphids. To combat the plague we can do is to spray it with insecticidal soap and water at high pressure.

7 pests that you should never ignore in your garden 2

The screw worms are a few consumers voracious plants in addition in many cases they act from the inside to the outside. The borer iris for example makes a tunnel through the rhizome of the plant and also leaves a trace of bacterial infection. Cut the iris leaves in the fall will be a good measure to avoid the plague. Because that is where the moth lays the eggs which then grow into worms. The plague can be treated with a pesticide is systemic.

7 pests that you should never ignore in your garden 3

The grasshopper may seem innocuous but are not. The problem lies in the fact that their bite inoculates a toxin into the plant that damages it. Even notice it because the tips of the leaves are deformed. You can also transmit the virus yellow of the goldenrod. The plague of grasshoppers treated with pyrethrin or insecticidal soap. We will also seek to dandelions and thistles did not grow up close to our plants because they are very attractive to this insect.

7 pests that you should never ignore in your garden 4

The mealybug cottony moving very slowly but your white colour is usually to highlight about the plant attacked. The main problem is that they secrete a substance meliforme on the leaves that attracts the fungus and hinders the photosynthesis of the plant. Can be removed with a swab soaked in alcohol or treat with malathion or a pesticide of similar effect.

7 pests that you should never ignore in your garden 5

The bed bug field and other miridae, like the grasshopper, they inject a toxin into plants to bite. The leaves are full of brown spots and black and deformed. Dahlias, azaleas, daisies and asters are some of the plants that can be seen attacked by these insects. You can catch them in the morning, when they are more sluggish, and drop them in a bucket with soapy water. It can also be treated with neem or diazinon.

7 pests that you should never ignore in your garden 6

The mealybugs waxy, like the cochineal of the soot, they secrete a waxy substance that protects them from external attacks. But beneath that layer of wax are eating the plant. The damage appears as stunted growth, leaf drop, yellow spots and the appearance of a soot black. The wasps like to use these insects as hosts, and to do this pierce the waxy layer. This layer makes it difficult treatments, it is best to spray mineral oil in winter on the plants infested.

7 pests that you should never ignore in your garden 7

The white fly leaves the plants weak and stunted after eating their sap. They are difficult to see and does not seem very dangerous but what are and much. Produce a substance mellow easy to detect on the leaves of the plants. They can also facilitate the emergence of fungi, and transmit viral infections. Can be prevented with traps yellow plastic that contain a sticky substance. You can spray the affected plants with insecticidal soap, pyrethrins or malathion.


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