8 very common problems in your seedling

Cultivate a good seedling is almost like raising good children, require love, attention and a lot of patience and there will be more to add a few drops of good humor that all goes well. We have compiled here the 8 most common problems that you may encounter when preparing a seedbed.

1.- The seeds don’t germinate.

This can occur for several reasons:

  • Not to be the temperature adequate either by excess or by default
  • For having sown the seeds to a depth incorrect
  • By not maintaining the correct degree of humidity
  • By not having stored the seeds properly or be too old
  • Due to oak wilt fungal
  • By lack or excess of light, some seeds need light to germinate and others do not

2.- The seedlings begin to fade little sprout.

It can also be due to several causes:

  • The soil was not sterilized
  • The used containers were dirty
  • The separation between seeds is not correct
  • By a poor circulation of air
  • By excess moisture
  • Stress due to temperature and/or light-inadequate

3.- The leaves are curved down.

It is usually due to two causes:

  • Excess light
  • Sobrefertilización.

4.- Stunted growth.

Also it is usually due to two reasons:

  • Poor soil
  • Temperatures too low

5.- Growth excessively elongated or ahilamiento.

Can be by:

  • Lack of light
  • Overcrowding
  • Excess fertilizer
  • Temperatures that are too high
  • Excessive irrigation

6.- The leaves are pale or discolored.

Is usually caused by:

  • Insufficient lighting
  • Burns caused by fertilizers
  • Excessive irrigation
  • Lack of nutrients (nitrogen and/or phosphorus)

7.- Poorly developed roots.

You can go through:

  • Poor drainage
  • Very poor soil
  • Accumulation of salts by excess fertilization
  • Temperatures too low
  • Compacted soil with lack of air

8.- Appearance of moss or mold.

Occurs when there is:

  • Lack of air circulation
  • Excess moisture


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