8 uses the rinds of the citrus fruits in the garden

The peels of any citrus that you consume regularly at home, oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruits and others can serve you in the garden. With these 8 tips will you’ll be able to get more out of than you think. Let’s see what we can do with these cortices that commonly throw away to the garbage.

1.- The first option is to add them to the compost pile. The rinds of citrus fruits contain a good amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Chop them so that they break down before and enrich your compost. In addition, as the smell does not usually like pest and vermin keep them away from your compost pile.

2.- You may also serve to treat infestations of your plants. Only take the fresh bark and bend over the insect so that the essential oils of the citrus scare it away to that incordiosa plague. It is not as effective as a chemical pesticide, but it will help you to treat the pests in natural way.

3.- If you don’t want cats and dogs to roam by your garden used the rinds of the citrus to keep them apart. The smell of the citrus not it is pleasant to pets. A good practice to not to approach the plants that we want to control it to spread bark pieces of citrus mixed with coffee grounds.

4.- To aromatize an evening in the garden, you can take the bark of the citrus to the fireplace, barbecue grill or stove outside. A magnificent and very natural air freshener citrus scent.

5.- Dry the peels of citrus fruit and grind to a fine powder it will help us to increase the acidity of the soil. As you know some plants need acidic soil (acidophilic) in order to grow properly. In the case of azaleas, camellias, fuschia, gardenia, hydrangeas, and some more. At the same time we will be bringing nutrients very interesting.

6.- The citrus peels are also a good repellent for ants. We can scatter them around the plants, when the more finely chopped the better, to avoid that climb up the stems and devour the tender shoots.

7.- Another interesting use is the one that we see in the image. We can use them as seedbeds biodegradable. Except in the case of plants sensitive to acidity.

8.- Mosquitoes hate the smell of citrus. So to keep them away from our garden we frotarnos the skin with the rind of any citrus fruit. We can also grind it up and place them in strategic places of the garden or the porch.


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