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Layering happens naturally in the wild. If a low stem or branch is in contact with the ground it can develop adventitious roots (lateral root primordia), eventually anchoring into the soil. When the stem develops a root system, it can be cut away from the mother plant resulting in a new plant! This process creates a vegetative duplication through asexual reproduction without having to start from seeds, resulting in a genetically identical plant. ✅Air layering is a propagation technique that can be applied to certain plants and trees including fruit, nut, and woody ornamental varieties. This method works well with fig trees. ✅An area of the stem is wounded by peeling a ring of bark about 2x the diameter of the branch removing the bark, phloem, and cambium layer (green tissue under the bark). This technique is known as girdling and can be done in the middle of a stem or near the trunk. Optional, but it’s a good idea to peel off about 1 millimeter of the cambium layer after removing the bark. ✅The wounded area is covered with pre-moistened sphagnum peat moss or potting mix. A cover is placed over it to retain moisture. ✅This process may take several weeks to a few months. Make sure to keep the soil moist to promote aerial root formation. It is best to do this in the spring but can be done throughout the year, at least 12 weeks before your first fall frost. ✅ Optional: Remove fruits and half of the leaves to focus on establishing the root system and decrease transpiration, or water loss through aerial parts of the plant: leaves, fruits, and stems, especially during a dry hot season. The remaining leaves were removed in this video since most of them already dropped as it’s been chilly in the last two weeks. Have you tried this method? Hope you find this helpful! Happy Gardening!🌱 #shorts #airlayer #figtree #propagation #growfood #fruittrees #fig

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