An underwater landscape in miniature

How to create a tiny world where it’s forever summer

Over the past six months I have been experimenting with the world of aquascapes – creating little underwater gardens in my tiny London flat. For someone in generation rent, for whom outdoor space is at a real premium, but who also wants to get a horticultural fix year-round, these underwater gardens turn out to be a pretty perfect solution. Shrunk down into miniature, they give me lush little landscapes that I can spend hours tending to: a piece of the Amazon or Borneo where it is forever summer even in the darkest days of winter.

It seems I am not alone. A single picture I posted of one of my experiments, to my great surprise, racked up over 160,000 likes on Twitter within just two days, along with literally hundreds of questions from people eager to give it a go. Number one on that list was how I keep the water in my little ’scapes clear and algae-free. So to help fellow budding aquascapers I thought I’d give you a quick overview of what works for me.

My tanks have zero tech. I rely on plants to do all the work for me naturally


Empresas de Mantenimiento en Estepona

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