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Features of the orchid Dendrobium compactum

The orchid Dendrobium compactum is native to southeast asia and stands out for its beauty, the large number of flowers it produces and by its rapid growth. It is not one of the orchids easier to grow but if we respect their characteristics and we offer you the conditions you need we can cultivate it without major problems.

Features of the orchid Dendrobium compactum 1

The location and temperature are perhaps the most important conditions to grow the Dendrobium compactum. You will need a mild climate because it is an orchid epiphyte that grows in a geographic area with only two stations. In the rainy season, summer, the average temperature revolves around 25ºC and in the dry season the temperature at the beginning is around 19 ° C, and then ascends slightly. This orchid blooms at the end of the winter because it needs low temperatures to do so.

Features of the orchid Dendrobium compactum 2

The Dendrobrium compactum needs a very good ventilation. Some growers come to use fans to keep the roots dry. The irrigation of this orchid should be very different in their resting phase and into its growth phase. In the growth phase, when the plant emits new shoots and new roots, you need a lot of water at the beginning of the day but taking into account that at the end of the day your roots should be perfectly dry. Is when tend to be fans or place the plant in a well-ventilated place.

Features of the orchid Dendrobium compactum 3

In the resting phase of the pseudobulbs have already been developed. This phase starts at the end of the summer or early fall. During the first three months of this phase we must water only once a week. The plant absorbs much less water in this phase so that we will take care that no water remains wet. In the three following months we will stop watering completely. Even so, you must maintain a rate of humidity is pretty high. To do this we can use a bottle with spray or put in a container with water near the plant.

Features of the orchid Dendrobium compactum 4

When you again begin the growth phase you have to be very careful with the watering. What we will introduce in a progressive way, first with the bottle of spray and after watering with a lot of care to not soak excessively the substrate. As we see that the roots are well developed, we can continue watering as we had described previously. The environmental humidity is very important for the Dendrobium, keep in mind that in its natural environment grows with a rate of humidity of 70-80% in the rainy season and 50-60% in the dry season.

Features of the orchid Dendrobium compactum 5

The best time to use the fertilizer with this plant is, of course, during the growth phase that is when it needs more nutrients. During this phase you will also need a lot of light but will always be indirect because it does not tolerate direct sun. The Dendrobium compactum can be grown on logs or in containers or any usual system of cultivation of epiphytic orchids. Use always a suitable substrate for orchids and the thicker the better because we will facilitate the drying of the roots.

Features of the orchid Dendrobium compactum 6

It is definitely an orchid that needs a particular care, which is not excessive, but without which we will not have chances of success. An orchid that requires a bit of patience and meticulousness to meet your expectations but that will give you with an impressive bloom.


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