How to get a good harvest of figs

We recently saw how we could grow a fig tree in pot. Now we want to give you some tips for getting a good crop of figs with your fig tree. It is simple, just follow a few guidelines and let Nature work its miracle.


First and foremost is to take into account that the fig tree is a mediterranean tree and need mild temperatures and a lot, a lot of sun. The more hours of sun you receive our fig tree much better, both for her and for their fruit production. If you live in a warm zone there is no problem about it but if it’s not, and where we live there are harsh winters will have to save the fig tree to cover up and go out slowly when you get the good time.


To protect the fig tree from the low temperatures we can cover it with burlap, for example. In winter and autumn the fig-tree needs to be kept dry. Only in the spring and summer will be when the water and with care, without many puddles and leaving the soil to dry out well between waterings. When we see that the 5 cm of the top layer of soil are dry it will be time to water. Keep in mind that everything we grow in pots always need more watering than what is planted in the ground.


Generally, fig trees do not need any type of fertilizer unless there’s some lack concrete on the floor. This can be easily checked with a test kit of soils we can find in the garden centers. The trees grown in containers need more fertilizer than trees planted in the ground. To pay for your figs you will need a release fertilizer and well-balanced as, for example, a formula 10-10-10 or 8-8-8 once in the spring and another in the fall.


Winter pruning is essential to obtain a good crop of figs the following spring. With a pair of scissors, very sharp and clean cut off dead branches or broken and we will seek to clarify the central area to circulate the air and to penetrate the greatest amount of sun possible. Also cut off branches that grow vertically upwards, we are interested in those that grow horizontally are the ones that will produce fruit. Boot also the suckers that appear at the base as they will rob nutrients from the tree.


With our fig tree in the open air, there is that monitor for the presence of visitors who will come to dispute their sweet fruits. The birds see the figs as fruits irresistible so if we want to protect our harvest will have to use some physical medium, a network, for example, to cover the tree and to prevent these critters from eating the figs.

How to get a good harvest of figs 1

To determine the time of harvest of the figs is a question purely practical. As you know many varieties of figs produce two crops, the figs and the figs. The figs grow in the spring or early summer, figs in late summer or early fall. The exact time to pick the figs also varies with the temperature and the sun that they have received. There are that observe their color and their touch, when the collar of the fig is twisting down it is a sign that the fruit is already mature.


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