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How to grow cherries

The cherry tree is a fruit tree but it also has a big impact ornamental. Especially in the flowering season, spring, when its branches, still naked and without leaves, are filled with a lot of the flowers are white or pink, according to varieties. Also in early summer the clusters of your red berries shine among the green of its leaves, getting a great visual effect. And from a pragmatic point of view what a delicious are cherries!

How to grow cherries 1

In the first place, we must distinguish between cherries, picotas and cherries as though they belong all to the same genus (Prunus) are not the same. Well, actually the cherry and the pillory itself are the same as they are Prunus avium simply that they are different cultivars. By natural selection the pillory, to be collected, it is released by the stalk without damage and the cherry can’t do it, by which it is collected with the typical tails. The case of the icing is different because it is a different species, Prunus cerasus, and their flavor changes is very different to the sweet cherry, cherry and cherry, being also known as a cherry tart.

How to grow cherries 2

The sweet cherries are grown best in places of mild and dry weather. Most cherry trees need a cultivar that is compatible for pollination. Although there are currently copies autofértiles or which have been grafted with two cultivars supported. We can also find cherry trees of very different sizes, from the 25 meters of height you can achieve an exemplary classic of Prunus avium to cultivars that do not exceed 3 metres. The cherry can be grown in a great diversity of soil, and it is the fruit that best endures the winter cold. Being also one of the fruit less demanding in terms of fertilization and water needs.

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The cherry-tree or sour cherry is a tree smaller than its relative, as described above. And although their needs and culture are very similar to those of the sweet cherry there is a slight difference. So it is a crop that requires temperatures quite cooler than the cherry and it also supports heavier soils that are preferred by the cherry tree. In winter, the cherry-tree must have at least 40 days with temperatures lower than 7ºC.

How to grow cherries 4

The cherry trees bloom very early and are sensitive to frost at this stage. There is also that to take care of a lot of watering as excess water can crack the fruit. It is recommended to cut the risks completely in the last weeks before the harvest. There are varieties more sensitive than others to this effect so if you live in areas with abundant summer rains we decantaremos by them. A cherry tree healthy you should grow about 30 cm per year, if the growth is slower or appreciate the leaves have turned yellow will analyze the soil to detect any possible nutrient deficiency. In the spring we will pay for with a thin layer of compost to the drip line of the tree. And try to not fertilize never after the summer as it could encourage a growth just before frost in the fall that we do not want for anything.


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