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How to make substrate for cactus and succulent

Cacti and succulents have different needs to the rest of the plants that we have in the house or in our garden. They need a substrate different since they are generally plants adapted to harsh environments, water scarcity and soils are generally poor. The substrate current that we use for our plants may even be harmful to the cacti and succulents that require very little water. The reason basically is that it retains for too long a time the moisture and this type of plant requires a fast draining. Another feature of the universal substratum, is that it often contains fertilizers that are not suitable for this type of plants.

How to make substrate for cactus and succulent 1

With this formula, which we describe below to ensure a substrate correct and specific for cacti and succulents. And you can also adapt it to the particular needs of your cactus or succulent according to need more or less moisture.

How to make substrate for cactus and succulent 2

We will create a good basis for developing various varieties of substrate for a cactus or succulent of origin desert species or species that need more moisture. Will mix peat moss and bark of spruce to create such a base substrate that already by itself only serves us to the plants that need very little water. For species that need more moisture, we’ll mix two parts of base substrate prepared with one part of sand. Instead of using sand, we can do the same with vermiculite, perlite or pumice.

How to make substrate for cactus and succulent 3

For species of cacti and succulents that require less moisture, you can use the base substrate mixed with sand or some of the other products described above in equal parts. We will use a cube for the different mixtures and the regaremos before using it. You will have the degree of humidity sufficient when you take a handful, estrujemos with the hand and do not drop water. In principle we don’t add fertilizer because this type of plants don’t need it. Every three or four months, we will add a little liquid fertilizer to the irrigation water but at a lower dose than usual. The pots where you plant cacti and succulents should always have drainage holes, plants are very sensitive to excess of moisture, and its roots rot easily in that case.


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