How to make a kokedama step-by-step

The kokedama is a traditional technique of japanese to grow indoor plants without pots. The container is replaced by a layer of moss that help the substrate retain moisture. Can be placed on a piece of furniture or any flat surface or hung from the ceiling or the wall. Then we he described the step-by-step to mount your own kokedama.

Here we have a kokedama hanging from a hook on the wall but you can place it where and how you want. Obviously if you’re going to place on top of a piece of furniture, sure to put a tray or bowl underneath so you don’t damage with the moisture.

Materials you will need:

  • Substrate current
  • Substrate for bonsai (Akadama)
  • Sphagnum Moss
  • Indoor plants
  • Yarn or twine
  • A container for mixing the substrate
  • Water

To have a kokedama in conditions and that the plant can grow without the drawbacks we need to bring together these three materials. They are the key to success, the peat or soil gardening, the soil for bonsai or Akadama and Sphagnum moss.

In a bowl, pour in substrate current or peat and substrate for bonsai in a 7:3 ratio), stir to mix well and add water. We form a thick dough and give it a spherical shape. We need to get the ball of substrates that hold firm and not crumbly. Or is that you have to add the water carefully and slowly. Prepare as many balls as plants have.

The size of the balls depends on the plant and our personal taste. These in particular are about 8 cm in diameter, are relatively small. Now we make a hole, as you see above, and we plant the plants in the same.

For this it is best to get them out of the pot and remove all the substrate that we can. The more naked we leave the roots much better.

We put the roots down into the ball and knead a bit to close to the ball of substrate around the roots of the plant.

To retain moisture, we need to wrap the ball of substrate with Sphagnum moss. We extend it on the table and place the ball with the floor in the center. The Sphagnum moss is sold dry so you will have to moisten it a bit to be able to work with him. Usually in the wrapping paper come the instructions to do this.

Wrap the ball of substrate with moss and all together what together with the twine. Little more or less is how to prepare a piece of stuffed meat. It takes a little practice to do it well but with time and patience we will come out perfect.

We tie the twine, and now we can hang our kokedama or place it where we want it. The care that requires a kokedama are quite simple. Indirect light, since it is usually used to grow plants that do not require direct sun and watering weekly. To irrigate a kokedama what we will introduce in a container with water and then let drain well in the sink or the bathtub. When you have lost the excess water, return it to your place.


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