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How to make a planter for large seed

The ingenuity of the human being is one of the great wonders of Nature and here we bring to you a small sample. With this planter DIY for corn, beans and any plant larger seeds you will be able to relieve your back, and the rest of the bones and joints. Let’s see how in a few simple steps.

How to make a planter for large seed 1

Here’s what we have and we realized immediately that his construction can not be very difficult. Although its efficiency will be very high. We will need the following materials:

  • 1 tube of 120 cm PVC 1/2″ or 12 mm
  • 1 tube of 20 cm with the same diameter
  • 1 tube of 14 cm
  • 1 tube of 15.5 cm
  • 2 connectors in T
  • 1 elbow
  • 1 cap
  • round piece of wood to fit in the tube
  • 4-4 cm threaded rod 3/16″ or 5 mm
  • 4 nuts
  • drill
  • glue PVC
  • american tape
  • tin-can

How to make a planter for large seed 2

The long tube, 120 cm, or the length that best suits your height, it will be where verteremos the seeds of maize or beans (beans) or any other similar. Deslizaremos a T and we will mark in the area of the tube where it over by hand to function as a handle. Glue the T with the adhesive for PVC and in the hollow of the horizontal stick the tube of 20 cm which will act as the handle of the planter. We can hit a plug on the end but is not necessary.

How to make a planter for large seed 3

At the bottom we will create the spacer and hole punch. It consists of a T of the that exits the tube of 14 cm and after we hit the elbow to place the piece of tube of 15.5 cm At the lower end of this tube we will put the wooden stopper that we can prepare with a handle of a broom or similar. With that between the inside of the tube about 3-4 cm is enough. We will make a hole in the tube and the handle of the broom to move the threaded rod that we will post with nuts and washers. This part will serve us to practice on earth the holes in which to cultivate the seeds.

How to make a planter for large seed 4

Between the handle and the top of the long tube, 120 cm, we can paste with a bit of american tape a pot of preserves where verteremos the seeds that we will sow. We will have them as well as to hand and we will facilitate the task greatly.

How to make a planter for large seed 5

Let’s see how to use the planter. It is very simple, after preparing the ground we started posing the planter in the ground. Press and make the hole in which to plant the seed.

How to make a planter for large seed 6

We are advancing and placing the tube planter in the hole that has left the front piece.

How to make a planter for large seed 7

We place a seed on the top of the PVC pipe and let it slide up to the hole that we made earlier on the floor.

How to make a planter for large seed 8

The hole punch in addition to make the hole allows us to control the depth of the same thanks to the threaded rod placed in a transversal way. The characteristics of the planter allow it to be used for the corn, as is, and leaving a hole without a seed between every two to the green beans.


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