How to make a fountain out of two levels with pots

Water is a key element for the health of a garden, but also for ours. The great masters of the water associated with the garden as a complement to leisure and recreation were the arab classics. In their gardens I always had to have a source or a channel of running water to cool the atmosphere and to relax the visitors with its sound. You can buy a fountain for your garden or you can, if you like, get cracking and build it with your own hands. Let’s see how you can do it.

This beautiful, decorative and refreshing source you can install without having knowledge of building or plumbing. Today all of this is very easy. As you see in this image is to put a pot inside the other and letting the water run between them.

The water will flow from the inside of the smallest pot and pour out on the great creating a closed circuit thanks to the wonderful water pumps that we can find today. Not even we will be spending water, as it is the same as that flowing constantly thanks to a water pump.


  • Two pots glazed (20 cm and 45 cm in diameter respectively)
  • Pump for supply of 600 l/h
  • Drill and drill bit
  • Putty plumbing
  • Clear silicone
  • Two bricks
  • A plastic pot
  • Boulders or small stones
  • Feet for pots

We started passing the power cable of the submersible pump for the drainage hole of the large pot. If you do not pass well it will enlarge with the drill.

Leave about 30 cm of cable inside the pot and the rest outside. Seal the hole with putty plumbing and when it has dried we will reinforce the seal with clear silicone on the inside and outside of the pot.

We put the brick inside the pot, on the sides of the cable, and place the pump on top of them. We put the plastic pot inverted over the pump. If you had no drainage hole is what we will practice to pass the tube of the pump. On the side, as seen above on the right, we will make a few holes so the water can circulate. In the planter glazed small we will post a section of the tube of the pump through the drain hole. Then what encajaremos on the lower supporting this pot on the plastic.

For that whole set that we have assembled can not move it, enhancing it with a few stones between the large pot and the plastic.

Fill both pots with stones or boulders or a mixture of the two. After we fill it also with water and you can plug the pump and put it in operation. It will be well to wash the stones that we will use for the dirt not to affect the pump. We also have to make sure that the electrical installation has ground to avoid fatal accidents.


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