How to prepare fertilizer from comfrey

The comfrey was cultivated anciently for its medicinal qualities, but in the present it has become an essential element of the ecological garden. Many farmers tend to plant near your compost pile to later benefit from their qualities fertilizers. Comfrey has a very deep roots that are able to absorb nutrients unreachable for other plants.

These nutrients are stored in the leaves and we can use them to prepare an interesting liquid fertilizer. The leaves of comfrey are especially rich in potassium this fertilizer that we will prepare is ideal to encourage the production of flower and fruit in many plants, as for example the tomato.

What we will need?:

  • a good amount of comfrey leaf
  • a large bucket
  • a stone or weight to sink the leaves
  • plastic bottles
  • shower

We will begin harvesting the older leaves, situated at the base of the comfrey. Important to use gloves because they have a few hairs that are irritating. We remove the stems and flowers that we’ve been able to pick up and we are left only with leaves.

Fill the bucket with comfrey leaf collected and put a stone or a weight to flatten sheets. It is advisable to use a pail with a lid so the leaves will rot and it will smell pretty bad.

Once a week or every two weeks, we will monitor as the matter is going. We will be collecting the liquid that will produce the decaying leaves in plastic bottles. This liquid is stored in a cool and dark place. We will add more sheets if you want to continue with the process.

The fluid that we’ve collected what diluiremos in water in a ratio of 1:10 every time we want to fertilize our crops. Just fill a watering can with the mixture and water the plants that we want with this fertilizer rich in potassium.


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