How to regrow a leek in our kitchen

There are many vegetables that from its remains we can get back to re-sprout and form a new plant. Taking advantage of many times this waste that on other occasions, the throw away, we can see and enjoy the growth of a new plant, and besides, many times we will be able to comernoslos again.

How to regrow a leek in our kitchen 1

Today we are going to discover in the video how we can make sprout a garlic leeks (or leeks, in our kitchen taking advantage of the roots that we removed when we use it for cooking, is an ideal experiment to perform with all the family and if we have kids much, much better because so you see as re-grow a plant, in this way we teach them even to use up the waste and to reuse things.

How to regrow a leek in our kitchen 2

It can be done with a multitude of vegetables, as we have already seen in other articles… for example with lettuces, cabbages, beets, or even we can also do this with spinach, as long as we take advantage of parts of the plant , you could not do with fruit, as it can be a tomato, or a pepper, or you could do with flowers, such as cauliflower or broccoli.

How to regrow a leek in our kitchen 3

I do not play more and I leave you with the video of the experiment, we hope that you’ll bother to preparlo at home and you will see it is almost as if it were magic to think that there will come out a new plant



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How to regrow a leek in our kitchen 4