How to recover your hydrangeas after the winter

If you live in an area of cold winters and you have hydrangeas surely these images will be played and a lot. There are more than the effects of the frost on these shrubs flower as spectacular as sensitive to the cold. Below a few degrees below zero, -3ºC, the plant suffers greatly. And there is only one solution, an intense pruning for the plant to re-grow from the beginning.

As we see here, these hydrangeas are already springing up with force and the only thing you need is the get rid of all that dead wood that does little more than hamper his development.

It is clear that after this little disaster, you’re not going to have hydrangeas in the next spring, but at least you’ll be able to save the plant that is the main thing.

Before you begin to use the scissors you have to make sure that any bare wood is dead. That is to say that do not have sprouts or buds that can revive. Once we make sure that the branches are dead there is no more remedy that to start with the pruning. Although you can wait to mid-spring to make sure that the rams not frost sprout and then proceed with the task of removing all of the ice cream.

Podaremos up to the level of the wood is more old-or up to where we see the arrival of the effects of the frost. There is that get rid of all this material for the hydrangeas to focus its energy in producing new shoots and leaves.

Although we will be a sight so pitiful as we see in this image there is no other remedy. Otherwise you would be wasting time and anyway in a short time, our bushes will be the size of before. As we said earlier, you would have to wait to next season to see flowers in the bushes.

Only we will get rid of the dead branches and let Nature do its work. The hydrangeas are sensitive to cold and very much so take this into account when we decided to plant them in our garden.


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