Composting for Beginners / How to Make Compost

#howtomakecompost #compostingforbeginners #compost How to make compost for beginners. How to Make Compost at Home from Kitchen and other Wastes. In this video, I show you how to make your own compost in a compost tumbler and can also be done in a bin.
I hope you enjoy this video! Please like, comment, subscribe and share! Thank you! Misilla and family Carbon:
Fall leaves, shredded paper, carboard pieces, shredded wood chips, straw, sawdust, dry grass clippings or dry soft plant stems and other yard wastes. Nitrogen:
Vegetable and fruit scraps, spent coffee grounds, fresh grass clippings, animal manure, plants and other garden trimmings. Learn To Grow represents Washington in the United States Of YouTube : Here are some helpful links: Composting, WSU Extension: How to Add Compost to Garden Soil: Check your frost dates: Hoop House, WA state Extension: Free wood chips or check with your local extension office: Below are affiliate links. I get credit when you make a purchase. Thank you for your support! Mantis Back Porch Tumbler in video: 88 Gallon Mantis Compost Tumbler: 3 in 1 Meter for Moisture, Light and Ph: What I use to feed the soil and plants: Worm Castings: 10% OFF code “learntogrow”: MY AMAZON STOREFRONT: Greenhouse, Cold Frame, Tunnel, Row Cover:
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Seeds for Microgreens: (BULK): Soil, Compost or Potting Mix:
Organic Fertilizer: and Cuttings:
Greenstalk Vertical Garden Tower, 10% Off code: learntogrow: Compost Tumblers:
Garden Tools:
Kids' Garden Tools:
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