Build a patio in your garden in miniature

Gardening in miniature is a world apart that requires multiple and varied knowledge. It is also a great way to maintain your mind lively and carry out projects that are likely to real size you will never dare to do. On this occasion we are going to develop the step-by-step to build a patio in your miniature garden. It is a very interesting project that will give you a very real aspect to your small garden.

It is simply to cover part of the floor of a miniature garden with tiles of stone and install a small stone bench. You’ll see how simple you can give more realism to your little piece of art.


  • sand
  • cement mortar for mini gardens
  • flat stones of marble
  • plywood flexible
  • 3 wooden skewers
  • gloves
  • scissors
  • spray bottle

In the first place, we have to decide what size will our yard and the amount of space that we need to prepare in our pot. Then cut a piece of plywood a little larger than the diameter of our pots, to be able to put in S. place and look with the skewer sticks. Now when we lower the substrate level on the side that we’re going to encase them in stone. With 2-2,5 cm rebajemos will be enough, depends of course on the thickness of the stones that we will use.

Pour the sand and we coat the earth in the garden with a layer of about 6-7 mm The pin flatten well until we left well-graded.

We will now use the dry mortar that will fall upon the sand and nivelaremos with a spoon, as shown above, or any useful similar. We will create a layer of about 12 mm approximately.

It is the time to start placing the stones chosen, or bricks, or crystals or whatever, leaving a space between them that you then fill with more dry mortar.

We will go by ramming the stones to be level and well seated on the floor. We must try to get the more realistic effect possible. Like if we were modeling the soil of our garden or patio.

When we have secured that all the stones are at the same level verteremos more dry mortar on them to coat the joints.

For this task the best tool is, without a doubt, the hand. But as we work with cement it is advisable to wear gloves. With a brush can remove the excess mortar to the joints to flush the stones.

Pulverizamos a little water on the stones to the mortar is wet and do your job. We will leave the mini garden in a shady place for a couple of days to set the cement. If while curing the cement we have to water the plants in our garden, we will do so with great care not to wet the cement.

When the cement has hardened, we can go over the joints with a brush to remove the excess material and define them better. Now we can install all add-ons that we want without any problem, to give our yard the look that we like.


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