Build a vertical garden hanging

With this idea we want to show you today don’t need space to have four plants in any room of the house. And who says four, say three or five or whatever you want because as you will see it is easy to subtract or add levels to this hanging pots. Let us go to the step-by-step of this easy and productive task to DIY for next weekend.

Succulent plants, such as in the example, or herbs or any ornamental plant of the interior that you want to have. And fits in any corner.


  • 4 cuts of wood of 18 X 18 cm
  • 4 pots of 10 cm Ø
  • plants
  • rope
  • metal ring
  • drill and drill bit of 10 mm
  • jigsaw
  • sandpaper
  • varnish or paint and brush

Placing the pot upside down, mark with a pencil the center of the same. We can do it through the drain hole. We draw also a circle following the contour of the same.

With a bowl or another pot that has a diameter of 1/2 cm less, we mark the circle that we will have to cut to leave the hole needed where to insert the pots.

We drilled with the drill the center of the hole. From this hole we will be able to insert the blade of the jigsaw and trim the inside of the circle.

We tested to see that such will be potted in the hollow practiced. In case you need some retouching, we can do it.

Make four holes, one in each corner of the square of wood. For them will be happening after the four pieces of string.

Then we paint or refinish as the finish that we decided to give.

The pots can also be painted with a color that we like or simply leave them natural. On this occasion it has been used, a paint type chalk paint in brush strokes uneven to get a finish well, rustic.

Pass the rope through the holes in the corners of each wood and we make a knot at the bottom. Aseguradlos well since they keep all of the weight of the structure.

At 20-25 cm from the knot lower than we will make another knot on each cord so that you can hold the next support. The same thing will be repeated in the following two levels.

As we do not want to leak the pots to water them we are going to paste one dish to the game in the bottom of the pot that will be put on the bottom shelf. The above they will drip on the lower without any problem.

Fill the pots with new substrate and plant the plants you have chosen for the occasion.

We installed a hook in the ceiling and tied the ropes to the ring metal. Please assure these fixations to not have any fright and hangs up the eyelet of the hook.

We now have our garden ready and in place. As you can see it is easy to adapt it to your needs and preferences. I enjoy it!


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