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Care and maintenance of a topiary decorative

The topiaries are a decorative element of the first order. An ornament that you can give your input or to any corner of your garden, a stunning classic and traditional. Allow you to play with the lines and are always a point of attraction very important to the look of our visitors. Let’s see, on this occasion, as not how to train them, but how to keep a topiary that we have already acquired is preformed in our garden center.

Care and maintenance of a topiary decorative 1

Here we see a pair of topiaries in spiral, which as you can appreciate are great in the entrance of this traditional style of home. Traditional but with a modern touch as it is stated in such a pretty green door.

Care and maintenance of a topiary decorative 2

In our garden centre usual we will surely be able to find copies as you see above that will allow us to initiate us with guarantees in the world of the topiaries. Before continuing I would like to make a clarification, the topiaries are a little like pets, and if you’re not ready or willing to take care of them as corresponds, it is better not to buy them. It is not difficult to maintain a topiary already started but requires consistency and regular monitoring.

Care and maintenance of a topiary decorative 3

Here in this gif we can see how it is done, very quickly, to give way to a small seedling of juniper. Although it may seem that twists the trunk in fact is not so. The trunk if you look you will see that it is straight as in any specimen of this shrub. Are the branches that are trimmed down to create this spiral.

Care and maintenance of a topiary decorative 4

Well, let’s start at the beginning. We have already bought our copy, and we transplant it. To do this pull it out of the pot in which it comes, and surely we have had to water it a little to loosen well the root ball. With a knife or a similar tool will loosen the roots to let go.

Care and maintenance of a topiary decorative 5

What we can plant directly in the ground or in the pot that we have prepared for it. Always cover of soil or substrate to the level it was at in the pot that he brought from the nursery. The size of the new pot must be of a diameter equal to 1/3 of the height of the shrub.

Care and maintenance of a topiary decorative 6

Irrigation is essential to maintain in terms of our topiary. We will give you the water you need, without excesses or shortages, depending on the type of shrub that is concerned. Usually the species most commonly used in topiary are the juniper, the cypress, the myrtle and the eugenia (both myrtaceae), boxwood, rosemary, and holly.

Care and maintenance of a topiary decorative 7

To ensure a good drainage in our pots we can practice more drainage holes, or to expand to bring. Then we will put a little of geotextile to prevent drains substrate every time that you shower our topiaries.

Care and maintenance of a topiary decorative 8

A topiary like the one we are concerned with, you will need 4 cuttings a year. In the other species will be more or less the same. The first pruning is in the spring when the new shoots measure several centimeters. After the beginning of the summer like. At the end of the summer podaremos again if the growth has been important. And finally in the autumn we will make the last pruning face the rest of winter.

Care and maintenance of a topiary decorative 9

In fact, you can prune at any time of the year if we see that the branches have grown more than 2-3 inches on A good pair of scissors, like those pictured here, sharp and light are the ideal tool to keep our topiary. And remember that the more consistency the pruning of our topiary easier it will be to keep the shape. If they grow the branches so excessive will be considerably more complicated to return to the original shape.

Care and maintenance of a topiary decorative 10

Here we have a good example of before and after. As we can see, this make pruning very lightweight that you hardly notice but that it is essential. We avoid problems and we will feel the sea of proud of our topiaries.

Care and maintenance of a topiary decorative 11

We can see here that most of the cuts are sprouts very tender. We simply have to maintain the shape of the topiary, and except for any branch that grows too only cut off the tender shoots.

Care and maintenance of a topiary decorative 12

By following these tips and using a little common sense we can keep for a long time to our topiary in perfect condition.


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