Cultivation of the madagascar dragon tree or Trunk of the Brazil

The madagascar dragon tree is a shrub from the family Asparagaceae and its origin is found in Africa, is also known popularly known as the Trunk of Brazil wood Brazil, Hawksbill and Tree of happiness among other names. It is a plant of foliage decorative and widely cultivated in many parts of the world for its great attraction and provide a look for tropical interior decoration.

The leaves of the dracaena are long and smooth, curving down and have several shades of green, darker on the sides and a central band more clear. It is a shrub with evergreen leaves that reach between 3 and 6 meters in its natural habitat. Their flowers have no ornamental value being very small even though they are very fragrant and are grouped in small inflorescences, appear in the hottest time of the year.

The dracaena is a plant very versatile and popular, and except in tropical and subtropical areas it is usually grown indoors for its large sensitivity to the cold. You need a very bright but should not receive direct sun because their leaves will burn easily. The soil should be fertile, rich in organic matter and we must water it with regularity. It is a plant that requires a rate fairly high humidity. And although it does not tolerate water logging is common to see that some people cultivate portions of the trunk in a container of water and stand up well for quite some time.

In summer it is sufficient to water it a couple of times a week and in winter with a there will be a lot. To keep the humidity high pulverizaremos their leaves 2-3 times per week and we can also put the pot on a saucer with stones and water-filled. When you do not have enough moisture in the ground will alert us as the tips of the leaves will dry out and will be brown. In the spring and summer we will add a bit of liquid fertilizer to the irrigation water every 15 days.

As you grow Dracaena will need re-potting. Usually we will make this change every 2-3 years. Don’t forget to take gravel to the bottom of the new pot to create a layer draining. The madagascar dragon tree is multiplied by the shoots that appear at the base of the trunk, by cuttings, or by layering by air. This latter pathway should be performed in the spring. After flowering, it is convenient to cut flowers as it will absorb a lot of energy to the plant.


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