Daylily Shoots, Free Plants! #shorts

🌸Daylily (Hemerocallis, family: Asphodelaceae) is not a true Lily (Lilium, family: Liliaceae). Please make sure to know the difference as true lilies can cause gastrointestinal issues. Unlike lilies, daylilies grow from tuberous stems not bulbs. Daylily flowers emerge from top of scapes, while lilies grow on top of tall stems. 🌸Daylilies are very cold-hardy 🥶 and heat-tolerant 🌡. Depending on variety, some are known to thrive in USDA zone 2, however, most do well in zones 4-11. Daylilies prefer a well-draining soil with a pH of 6.0 to 6.5 (slightly acidic) and performs best in full sun.☀️ 🌸The edible parts include the flower buds and flowers, young shoots in early spring, and tuberous stems/roots. Some say the flowers taste like green peas or asparagus, but they taste like sweet and succulent lettuce to me.😋 The small tubers can be prepared like potatoes, and the young shoots are harvested at around 5-8 inches tall and can be sautéed and have a reminiscence of leek, some say asparagus. Daylilies are great for pollinator gardens!🦋🐝🐦 ✳️Please always do your own research before consuming plants you’re unfamiliar with. There are a lot of look-a-likes that may be poisonous. #daylily #edibleflowers #wildedibles #vegetablegardening #organicgardening #growfood #pollinators #foodgarden #daylilies #pnwgardening #pollinatorgarden

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