DIY Lion’s Mane Mushroom Block #shorts

Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) is saprotrophic meaning it feeds on dead organic matter such as wood (cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin). The decomposition of these substances releases nutrients and minerals. The materials below were put in a filter patch bag to make the substrate. Shake to mix and add 5 cups of boiling water to hydrate the pellets (Be careful!). Shake the bag. The hot water will pasteurize the substrate. Allow the block to cool for 8-12 hours. We placed the blocks in a cooler for two hours for additional pasteurization, but it’s optional. 5 cups hardwood fuel pellets 1⁄2 cup bran Add spawn after block has completely cooled down 1 1/2 cup Lion’s Mane grain spawn After inoculation, the block was placed in an undisturbed area with temperatures of 68-72 F to colonize. This is the incubation period which can range from 2-3 weeks depending on the environment. Blocks were placed in a well-lit area away from direct sunlight. The cut areas of the blocks were misted with water 4-5 times daily. The process took approximately 5 1/2 weeks. (Fruiting temperature: 60-70 F. ✅Please do your own research and take proper precautions. Make sure your working area & tools are clean & sterilized. We used 70% isopropyl alcohol to sterilize. Happy mushroom growing! #growfood #fungi #mushroom #lionsmane #hericiumerinaceus #mushrooms Thank you for watching and for your support! 💚 📗My book “Four-Season Food Gardening" is available on Amazon and most online retailers!
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