Elephant Garlic ASMR #shorts

#garlic #asmr #asmrsounds 🧄 ASMR…Learn about elephant garlic below.🧄⬇️ ✅ Plant garlic in autumn at least two weeks before your first average frost date. 🧄If you’ve ever grown elephant garlic, you may notice the yellow corms or bulblets growing at the base of the bulb (basal plate). Save them or leave them in the ground to mature. 🧄Elephant garlic is not a true garlic and is closely related to leek. (Elephant Garlic Scientific name: Allium ampeloprasum var. ampeloprasum) ✳️From my personal experience, sometimes these corms stay dormant in the first season, and may take 2-3 years for them to fully develop and divide into cloves. ✳️We usually grow a patch of perennial garlic and elephant garlic and allow them to proliferate on their own- they are actually perennial plants! ✅Remember perennial plants come back year after year as long as they are hardy to your climate. 🧄Garlic and elephant garlic are cold-hardy to down to -40 F, and will overwinter in the ground just like when we plant the cloves in the fall. ✅Keep in mind, when you’re growing them as perennials, the bulbs will not grow large and some may not fully develop as they have limited space when grown as one clump of cloves. This is a great method to try in permaculture gardens or in a food forest. 🧄Do you grow elephant garlic as well? Happy Gardening!💚🧄 Estepona Gardener Estepona Gardening

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