Fairy Garden! 💖 #shorts

Happy Flower Friday!🌸 So happy with the way our fairy garden turned out! Big sister helped little sis with decorating it with rocks and stones in various textures and colors. We also used some dried moss, lichens, seashells, a white picket fence, and little fairy houses! The plants we used included hens and chicks, sedum, Scent First Raspberry Surprise Dianthus, Magic Mona Purple Plectranthus, and Ever White Agapanthus. Here are some info below on the three flowers we planted from @sunsetplants . 💜 Plectranthus, Magic Mona Purple: Excellent pollinator plant with spectacular purple blooms and dark green foliage! Hardy to 30 to 40 F, can be grown as a houseplant in cool climates. Thrives best in part shade. 🤍 Agapanthus, Ever White: Stunning display of white flowers emerging from multiple stalks. Attracts butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. Once established, will require less water. Thrives in full sun to part shade and hardy to 15 to 20 F. 💕 Dianthus, Scent First Raspberry Surprise: Fragrant flowers, evergreen foliage, and deer-resistant! Delightful and long-blooming! Great for small spaces and containers! Performs in full sun to part shade and cold hardy to -10 to -20 F! 🌸🌸🌸 #fairygarden #shorts #pollinatorgarden #pollinators #flowergarden #organicgardening #gardening #garden

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