Fertilizers and home remedies for your roses

We all know how delicate and demanding roses. Here, we have tried to gather ten proposals so that you can improve the health of your roses with simple products we all have in our kitchen. Many of the things we throw away can help us to that our roses look more beautiful. We go there without further delay.

1.- Used tea bags

Recycling to improve the soil of our rose bushes is a good solution. Esponjarán the soil and also the tannin of the tea leaves will help to increase the acidity of the soil.

2.- Egg shells

They are a superb source of calcium for rosales, calcium is essential to strengthen the wall of the cell and to prevent the entry of pathogens. It also promotes the root system and the foliage of the plant. Machacaremos the egg shells finely and place it in the soil before you plant the tree or on the ground if it is already established.

3.- Banana peels

The roses are consumers ravenous of potassium, a nutrient that bananas are rich. Banana skins decompose with great ease and release sulfur, calcium, potassium, magnesium, among other minerals. The trocearemos into pieces and scattering around the roses.

4.- Apple cider vinegar

Serves us to lower the soil’s pH and increase its acidity. The rosebush is a plant acidófila that grows best in acidic soils. There is that use it with great moderation because an excessive amount is harmful. In addition not contribute any nutrient, exclusively increases the acidity of the soil.

5.- Spines of fish

Shred the spines of fish that we can spare in the kitchen allows us to fertilize the soil of the rose bed. Minerals and micronutrients will be releasing little by little.

6.- Milk powder

Is another great source of calcium for the roses. Some scientific studies have studied its use in the treatment of powdery mildew and other fungal diseases because it alters the pH of the surface of the leaves and hinders the growth of the fungi. Mix two parts water to one part powdered milk and spray the roses every two weeks for optimal results.

7.- Pet food

The dry food for cats and dogs that we have been expired or enranciado is a good fertilizer for the land of the roses. There is only that mix with the soil and moisten the granules to break down. To prevent wild animals to eat, we can cover it with a piece of cardboard moistened.

8.- Water from cooking the vegetables

But remember, it must be water to which we have not added salt since otherwise it will be counterproductive. This water contains a good amount of vitamins and minerals from throughout the cooked vegetables. Let cool and use to water the rose bushes.

9.- Sodium bicarbonate

This fantastic product is intended to treat the black spots on the leaves of roses and other fungal diseases. To prevent and treat them, we can prepare a solution of 1 teaspoon of baking soda and a few drops of liquid soap in 1 litre of water. We will put it in a bottle with spray and pulverizaremos the tree regularly.

10.- Dishwasher liquid

A solution of a few drops of washing up liquid in 1 litre of water, we will treat the plagues of aphids. Acts by attacking the waxy layer that protects these incordiantes insects. And we can repeat the treatment as many times as you want.


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