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Readers respond to a report that squirrels are stealing millions of pounds of bird seed a year

I hate to pour cold water on Prof Mark Fellowes’ solution to squirrels raiding bird feeders (Nifty raids of grey, 10 May) but after years of being outwitted by these cunning pests, we finally bought a spring-loaded feeder. For a few weeks we had the satisfaction of seeing frustrated squirrels trying to fathom the mechanism and failing. Then one day it vanished. We searched high and low but eventually came to the conclusion that the squirrels had stolen it. They also eat the niger seeds…
Martina Pohl

• My solution to the problem of squirrel-proofing my bird feeders was to buy some 40 litre plastic flexi gardening tubs, cut the handles off, and drill a 50mm hole in the bottom. I put the tubs upside down on my washing line poles, strung lines between the poles above the tubs, and suspended the feeders on the line. I have three feeders between three poles. The fourth was within squirrel leaping distance from a tree. One succeeded in landing on the tub, bit through the line and demolished the feeder at ground level.
Alan Page


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