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Care guide indoor plants

With these tips that we have picked up here you’ll be able to keep your indoor plants in perfect condition. You just have to be regular and devote a little time every few days so that your plants look good beautiful. They will feel good but you also.

Care guide indoor plants 1

The truth is that there is no decorative addition that looks as much and for as little as indoor plants. You can bring a touch of Nature inside house, in addition to take care of the quality of the air, thanks to the virtues cleansing in this respect many of them.

Care guide indoor plants 2

You do not need to make a large outlay to acquire indoor plants. Start with a few and play them. Most are fairly easy to play since in some cases produce a number of setts either on the base or in some stems that emit in order to reproduce. Others can easily reproduce by layering as the philodendron and the potos. You only need a small pot and a fork for fixing a stem in contact with the substrate. The bit will root and you’ll be able to cut it having a new issue.

Care guide indoor plants 3

Change your pot plants is not a task that need to perform more than every 2-3 years as much. And it is not as difficult as it may seem. When you see that the roots protrude from the drainage holes of the pot or to lift up a little the root ball and see that the roots are apelotonadas around it is time to make the change. You will need a pot a little larger and a very sharp knife to trim the roots that are not in perfect condition. New substrate and ready.

Care guide indoor plants 4

One of the greatest enemies of the plants inside is the powder. Yes, it seems harmless but in reality it lessens the ability to perform photosynthesis with all that this entails for the health of the plants. A brush, a cotton cloth or spray water are some of the ways to remove the dust to the plants. Will look more beautiful and stay healthy.

Care guide indoor plants 5

The pruning and pinching are also two important tasks. When we see a branch in a poor state or that does not have very good aspect it is best to cut it as soon as possible. Keep in mind that it can be a symptom of some pest or disease and the sooner we’re rid of it the better. Plants such as the potos and the ivy Swedish money plant thank you each year or two cortemos about 10-15 cm of the stems higher. The grip consists in pinching or cutting with scissors the sprouts of the highest branches to encourage the growth of the plant in horizontal.

Care guide indoor plants 6

The faded flowers should also be cut off to prevent disease. At the same time we can review the sheets and cut those that do not present a good appearance. We will use some very sharp scissors and disinfected with a solution of water with chlorine or bleach.

Care guide indoor plants 7

Establish a routine of watering is essential. The main cause of death of indoor plants is too much water. We always have that temptation to water too often. Inform us of the frequency with which to irrigate different types of plants that we have and draw a plan of irrigation will prevent many problems.

Care guide indoor plants 8

Fertilization also depends on the type of plant that we have. And here we may repeat the advice of the water, give each plant the food you need when you need it. The excess fertilizer is just as harmful as their absence. In addition, each plant has specific needs and we must use the fertilizer more suitable to cover these nutritional needs.

Care guide indoor plants 9

Pest control is also critical in the health of indoor plants. As a general rule, insecticidal soap is going very well and that we can use it as a preventative. Aphids and spider mites, as well as any insect soft deletes well with this natural product. Insects with a waxy coating as the mealybugs are removed well with patience and a rag soaked in alcohol. It is important to repeat the treatment as many times as necessary. Once again patience is the key ingredient in the maintenance of our plants pest free.

Care guide indoor plants 10

At the slightest sign of disease we have to separate the diseased plants from the healthy and if we see that there is no remedy to remove them radically. In these cases, it should be crisp and the insulation is a very effective measure to maintain the rest of the healthy plants.


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