How to build a playhouse natural

A refuge, a hideaway, a cabin, or as we like to call it is a great toy for any child. Those who have grown up in the field as we well know. The child will love to hide and move away from the gaze of adults. Here we want to show you how you can help your little ones create a natural hideaway in the garden.

How to build a playhouse natural 1

It is something as simple as prepare a structure for growing green beans for example. In fact this legume can be used as ground cover for a shelter in the form of a tipi. We will see a couple of methods to consturir that playhouse for the little ones in the garden.

How to build a playhouse natural 2

Sure that you have seen and if you have a little practice in horticulture the you will have prepared. Well, it’s about doing the same only with a little more care.

How to build a playhouse natural 3

We need to:

  • 8-10 bamboo poles about 2 m long
  • a on seed pods
  • rope or wire and string

Now we need to hammer the rods into the ground forming a circle the size you want or we can for the space that we have. Obviously we will leave a space in which you will be able to enter and exit the tipi.

How to build a playhouse natural 4

Then collect the ends of the canes and tied with a strong rope, wire, or a strap of nylon, for example. After with the thin string being prepared a framework of canes to support the plants. Also you can use any type of network or fabric plastic or metal that is used for the billboards.

How to build a playhouse natural 5

We can only sow the seeds of the pods next to the reeds. To do this we’ll delve a square of 30 x 30 cm each side of the reeds and we will be spreading compost or manure curing. We will make a hole in each one of them and introduce 1-2 beans in each hole. We watered and ready, to wait for it to grow the vegetation cover of the tipi. We can use any climbing plant as the sweet pea for example.

How to build a playhouse natural 6

Another mode is that we relataros. In this case we used rods of willow to form a lattice in the shape of a dome.

We need to:

  • a good amount of sticks of willow
  • geotextile fabric
  • twine or straps nylon

How to build a playhouse natural 7

We chose the site where we will prepare our shop and place the geotextile fabric or similar on the floor. This is to prevent the growth of weeds within the store. Through the geotextile fabric or mesh antihierbas we will fasten the rods. First, the thicker nailed vertically on the ground and when we have already traced the circle, leaving a gap for the entrance, we pass to hammer the rods are thinner on the diagonal. Tie the rods at each intersection with twine or straps of nylon and we climb up to the highest part of the vault.

How to build a playhouse natural 8

With this technique you can create a circular design or in the shape of a tunnel as we see in this image. Then only we proceed to plant the plants that we have chosen as cover, and we have already prepared a shelter for games of our little ones in the garden. Although when summer arrives as we rob them of the site to lend a relaxing nap.

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