How to build a tunnel of cultivation

Using simple plastic bags for the culture allows you to lengthen considerably the season and in addition make sure the crops to know that the frost will not make a dent in your plants. There are many ways of covering a crop with plastic sheets, but the tunnels of cultivation are practical, comfortable, and durable. We will see below how to build a tunnel cultivation.

How to build a tunnel of cultivation 1

You do not need any special knowledge, as you will see. Only the following material:

  • tubes of 1/2″ PVC and 3 m. length
  • a metal bar
  • rod formwork
  • plastic for greenhouse

The amounts of each material will vary according to the length of the tunnel that you want to prepare. You will need a PVC pipe every 1.5 m and the m corresponding plastic greenhouse. In terms of the rod from a shuttering or is mandatory although it is advisable especially if your land, com this that we see here, is uneven. You will need as many as PVC pipes because they are placed in the lower part of the bed.

How to build a tunnel of cultivation 2

Well, let’s put hands to the work, working the land to prepare the bed of culture. You can make it the size you want but normally it is between 1.5 and 2 m. width. It’s simply a matter of aerate a little the ground with a pitchfork to dig or any similar tool.

How to build a tunnel of cultivation 3

Now is the time to proceed to the seeding that you have planned. You only have to follow a certain order. Sowing seeds in the center of the bed with the taller plants on the sides and the lowest, in this way you’ll get better the height of the tunnel. Here we also see that it has proceeded to mulch with straw to protect the seeds from the cold. With a metallic bar or any tool like that to hand you can make the necessary holes for nailing the PVC pipes.

How to build a tunnel of cultivation 4

As we have said before, you have to make each side of the bed, a hole about 30 cm deep 150 cm In the lower side it is possible to beat a rod of glue, about 50 cm, to a depth similar to better secure the tube. You just have to hammer the rod and pass the PVC pipe above and enter your time on earth all that you can. This resource will also help to exposed areas where it is habirtual that blow off in strong winds. You might even put in that case rods to each side of the bed.

How to build a tunnel of cultivation 5

In these images you can see the sequence that we have detailed. If you need the tunnel to be higher you just have to prepare the beds more narrow. And on the contrary, if you want more bass, extends the lateral separation of the PVC pipe leaving enough length to stick them in the ground.

How to build a tunnel of cultivation 6

Here we see a hole to be practiced with the metal bar. If you can not use a pickaxe or a hoe or whatever else you have on hand. It will also depend on the terrain of your parcel if it is easier or more difficult to drill.

How to build a tunnel of cultivation 7

So you must stay in your bed ready with the tubes to place the plastic. We have said before you plant first, but is simply for convenience, in the same way, you could cultivate after preparing the tunnel cultivation, or now for example before you put the plastic.

How to build a tunnel of cultivation 8

There are many types of plastic, different thicknesses and widths and that they pass more or less light. This in particular is 3 meters wide. If in your area are more narrow, 2.5 m, is a measure which is quite common, you can cut PVC pipes and make the bed a little more closely. Well, as you stretch the plastic to one side of the bed and cut the required amount. Take care to leave a good amount in the end to tie and secure the plastic sheet.

How to build a tunnel of cultivation 9

Here we see the plastic stretched out and secured it temporarily with bricks and metal bars. You can insure a better side with earth and stones and the other leave it with elements removable so that you can lift the plastic.

How to build a tunnel of cultivation 10

As we see here, so you’ll be able to perform the necessary work and also to ventilate and cool the plants a little each day. Especially when the days are warmer and sunny.

How to build a tunnel of cultivation 11

In winter you can use a sheet of plastic thinner, and cheaper, to cover the principal in case you get too low temperatures in your area. You can also create a clamping system fixed with wooden stakes and twine, as we see here.

How to build a tunnel of cultivation 12

Just have to nail some stakes to the side of the PVC pipe and move the line above the tunnel and between the stakes. At the end of the tunnel, hammer other stakes to secure the plastic. What enrollas and you pass it a string that bind them to the stake placed on each end of the tunnel.

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