How to Build a Wine Cap Mushroom Bed #shorts

#mushroom #fungi #fungus How to Build a Wine Cap Mushroom Bed The wine cap mushroom (Stropharia rugosoannulata) is saprotrophic (decomposer) and gets its nutrients from decaying organic matter such as straw and wood chips (lignin and cellulose). We built two wine cap mushroom beds last fall, one with wood chips and another with straw. We laid about an inch of each substrate directly on the ground followed by crumbled up wine cap sawdust and grain spawn. Another layer of the substrate was placed on top of the spawn and the process was repeated with a layer of wood chips on top of the straw bed for moisture retention (straw tends to dry up faster). The straw bed was about six and a half inches tall and the wood chip bed was around five inches. The beds were watered at planting time and again in early spring or when there is no rainfall. It took about six and a half months for the straw bed to fruit and the wood chips about eight months. We left the first ones to mature and sporulate to adapt and establish. Wine cap mushrooms can be harvested when young or at button stage or when the cap opens, but before the light colored gills turn dark. The spore print of the wine cap mushroom is dark purple-brown (almost black). Wine caps have an earthy, nutty taste, some say they have a mild potato flavor. Are you growing mushrooms this year?🍄🍄❤️ #shorts #fungi #mushroom #fungus #growfood #winecapmushroom

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