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Ideas easy landscaping

The landscaping is not easy, but can be broken down into easy ideas that will allow you to create your dream backyard. Little by little, step by step, you’ll get to have that garden that you want. It is a matter of patience and time. Let’s see, because some of the ideas to help you create the perfect garden, or almost.

Ideas easy landscaping 1

One of the landscaping design ideas easy to implement is to plant big swaths of the same plant. Here we see how the color chartreusse of the Lysimachia nummularia ‘Aurea’ contrasts, in color and texture with the festuca blue Fescue ‘Elijah Blue’.

Ideas easy landscaping 2

Go combining different plants of the same color or texture is a very good idea to create a good coordination between the different elements of the garden. Here’s how the Lysimachia nummularia ‘Aurea’ which we have seen before, and is now located to the right of the image, repeat the color of the Acorus gramineus ‘Ogon’ located at the foot of the japanese maple on the left. At the same time we also see how the false cypress is planted in a pot and is located to the left of the image coincides in color with the Festuca ‘Elijah Blue’. And in form also coincides with the japanese maple, as described above.

Ideas easy landscaping 3

When your space is limited you have to get the most performance possible. Nothing like using items that meet multiple missions at the same time. In this case you can see in the background an apple tree that serves as a screen to create privacy and to separate our lot from the neighbor. But it’s also a fabulous backdrop to the curve of the road. And of course we can’t forget that in the autumn we will give away a fantastic crop of apples.

Ideas easy landscaping 4

One of the ideas most simple and most basic of gardening is to create contrasts. Pair the burgundy-red or the purple with the green chartreuse makes the golden hues look brighter, and the purple tones more rich and darker. Together, these colors, are much more effective than when used alone.

Ideas easy landscaping 5

The shape has great importance in the design of a garden. So much so, that you can convert a simple shrub in a very interesting piece of the garden. Growing in espalier and the pruning are the tools that you need for this purpose. And it is not as difficult as it seems, a couple of prunings per year, and a little maintenance can transform a simple shrub in a complex element and visually attractive.

Ideas easy landscaping 6

Gardeners as a rule are driven by their love of the plants and forget about other materials that also have great importance in the design of a garden. Everything that’s not plants, inert materials, also help, and a lot of, to create a garden visually appealing. The contrast of the grass and the plants with slabs of stone, pebbles and gravel makes this garden interesting.

Ideas easy landscaping 7

Geometry is fundamental to the design of a garden. Play with the shapes and the symmetry will help us a lot to achieve the garden desired. Here we see how the small green rectangle stands out more thanks to the palm trees and the lateral lines are marked by pebbles.

Ideas easy landscaping 8

It is also important to structure your garden. To mark and to delimit the different areas of the same. This typically involves the hedges and fences low. This magnificent hedge curvilinear boxwood defines the space while introducing a new shape in the garden.

Ideas easy landscaping 9

Trees and shrubs are some of the most important elements in gardening, and gardeners often forget about them. Trees and shrubs provide us with shape and color. Here the false cypress and the holly contrast in shape and color with the hedge under of barberry with its purple tones.

Ideas easy landscaping 10

Usually we have no problem with the beds and edgings placed around the garden, but it tends to be more difficult, or so it would seem, to install a massif as its centerpiece. It is an idea of gardening very simple but productive. We are invited to round it to see what it is composed of.

Ideas easy landscaping 11

Include the pots in the beds is not an idea that first come to mind. But it is very effective and above all gives us great flexibility. In addition, they are an aesthetic complement to first-order. As if incluyeras a piece of sculpture among the vegetation.

Ideas easy landscaping 12

We must not stay just in the color. The texture brings depth and relief, and is an essential component in any garden design. Here we have a good example of working with texture, the fescue, the pine, the fir and the yucca out of the pot meet with that job to perfection.

Ideas easy landscaping 13

And of course it is essential to know the plants we grow. So as to be able to locate them in the best position. Those that grow vertically will always get behind those that do in the horizontal.

Ideas easy landscaping 14

And don’t forget the green, the primary color of the plants, which manifests itself in a wide palette of tones. Play and combine different tones of truth will provide us with depth and beauty to our garden. Then it will only be a matter of adding some splashes of color. We see here how to highlight the false acacia trees with their brilliant color chartreuse on the bottom bluish green of the conifers of the fund. This last shade of green blends well with all the others and brings softness to the whole.


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