The best indoor plants and outdoor for busy people

Having plants in house when ever you walk very busy, and traveling from here to there tends to be difficult. But not impossible, to point that out, you can have plants in the house and not give it much attention. Although of course you have to choose well, and that is what we will do. Destroy a pointer on what plants you should choose and where to grow them for the success of its cultivation is almost guaranteed.

There is no mystery, as can imagine. Simply choose plants with low maintenance and meet their minimum needs. Because even though they have a few as we have to cover them. We’re going there.

We’ll see what plants go better in every place of the house. And we will start with the balcony that need more light and are more tolerant to drought because the evaporation will be logically higher than in any other place of the house.

It is a good place for succulents, especially if the took refuge a little bit of direct sun. Here we see several, plant jade or crassula ovata, sempervivum, and others. Here you will have the light they need.

The fern feathery or asparagus will grow well on the balcony. You need a lot of light but little direct sun. Will have to take the precaution of putting it inside the house in winter if temperatures drop well below where we live.

Give a natural touch to your bedroom is easy with indoor plants. You will need the best suited to cool temperatures and need little watering.

The plant, jade is hardy and adapts well to almost any condition. Tolerates dry soil and loves the sun. This succulent plant likes temperatures as low as-12ºC promotes their flowering cycle. The cool temperature of the bedroom will go very well for you. We can install in the window sill or on a table or other furniture where it will get a good amount of natural light.

The ivy can be grown perfectly indoors. In the bedroom, you enjoy the good temperature and light. Be careful with pets and children because it is a poisonous plant. On a shelf or suspended will surprise us with their growth.

For the bathroom we decantaremos for plants that prefer damp, warm environments. In the end, are the conditions that provide us this space.

The orchid Phalaenopsis grow very well in a bathroom light. You need more watering in spring and summer, not so much in fall and winter. You need a very humid environment, like a bathroom for example, and mild temperatures.

The temperature and humidity conditions of the bathroom are ideal for a aloe. It is a plant of very low maintenance and we can also use it as a beauty treatment.

The living room will always benefit from the addition of some plants. We will select the most appropriate for the lighting conditions of the room.

The sanseveria is a plant of very popular indoor you’ll find in the living room a good place to live. You need to certain average conditions of light, though will tolerate living with very little. There are varieties of various sizes to suit any living room.

The philodendron grows well in any light condition and temperature. You just have to monitor the water supply. The regular watering is important to maintain this plant.

In the kitchen we can also enjoy the indoor plants. Both for practical and purely aesthetic.

The tillandsia is a plant aerial epiphyte that grows without soil. I like the light and the moisture. It is small and we can place it in any container in the kitchen.

Basil, rosemary, cilantro and oregano are perfect for creating a herb garden in the kitchen. They need a lot of light and a regular intake of water, fulfilled these basic needs will grow perfectly. Next to the kitchen window will be wonderful and we will have them on hand to use in our dishes.


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