Leek is a Perennial Crop! #shorts

🌱Leek is usually grown as an annual crop, but it’s actually a true perennial! The roots of winter-hardy varieties can survive temperatures down to -20 to -30 F with protection. (Scientific name: Allium ampeloprasum). This variety is American Flag Leek. 🌱To start your perennial patch of leeks, sow twice as many seeds than you normally would. Thin or transplant seedlings 4-6 inches apart (6-9 per square foot). Leeks mature between 90-150 days depending on variety. ✅When it’s time to harvest, dig up only half of what you initially planted. You can also cut off the top part and leave the succulent stems in the ground. If you like, you can harvest the flower stalks before they open. Alternatively, they can be left to mature to develop seeds, and allowed to self-sow. ✅The elongated bulbs will eventually multiply producing lateral growths or shoots. These can be divided and replanted spaced out properly. The individual plants will reproduce by sending lateral shoots just like the mother plant. ❄️The foliage of some leek varieties are known to survive temperatures in the teens. The leaves of these ones suffered some damage unprotected with lowest temperatures between 10 F and 12 F. They were insulated by about a foot of snow for less than a week. I hope you find this helpful! Happy gardening!💚🌱 #leek #shorts #growfood #perennials #perm#vegetablegardening aculturegarden #sustainablegardening #foodforest #growyourownfood #organicgardening

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