Lettuce Bed After Snow and Hard Freeze #shorts

Most mature and hardened lettuce crops can survive temperatures in the mid- to high 20’s with some tolerating even lower if they have been adapted to colder temperatures (10-20 F). Lettuce contain a lot of water and when they freeze, ice crystals form within their cell walls that rupture and damage plant tissue. This low tunnel is covered with 6 mil plastic providing a few degrees of protection from the cold (+5 degrees around the plants or or more on sunny days; source: Utah State University). Low tunnels should be vented on days when temperature is around 50 + F and above. Make sure to remove the snow that collects on top of your low tunnels to prevent them from collapsing especially if you’re expecting a heavy precipitation. Loose Leaf: Lollo Rosa
Red Salad Bowl
Oakleaf (heat-tolerant)
Green Salad Bowl (heat-tolerant) Butterhead: Speckled Bibb (heat-tolerant)
Marvel of Four Seasons (heat-tolerant) Romaine: Little Gem Winter Density
Rouge D’Hiver (heat-tolerant)
Jericho (heat-tolerant; bred in the desert of Israel)
Freckles (heat-tolerant)
Paris Island Cos (heat-tolerant) #lettuce #shorts wintergarden #growfood #growfoodnotlawns #vegetablegardening #kitchengarden #sustainableliving #organicgardening

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