The 10 best tips for growing tomatoes

Gardeners with a passion for growing tomatoes are always to the search of the panacea that will allow them to enjoy a few tasty tomatoes. The tomato is a plant very sensitive, and there is no recipe miracle to succeed in your cultivation. The only thing that exists is the constant work and above all lots of patience. By following a few basic rules we need to get a good crop of tomatoes but you should also keep in mind that failure is always possible due to the nature of this plant.

Let’s start then with the 10 tips as promised and to trust also in the good luck that it will not do us any wrong. And above all do not despair, constancy, and regular work are the virtues key of every good gardener.

1.- If you are one of those who are preparing for their own campus of tomato plants you have to keep in mind that the sooner you plant each kills in a pot individual much better. To appear the first leaves definite we will do so.

2.- The tomato needs a lot of light. If you’ve started your culture soon, on the inside, you must assure a minimum of light. When you are growing in the greenhouse, nothing happens, but inside you give you a few 14-18 hours of artificial light. It must be just a few inches from the plants not to lengthen excessively. When they are ready for planting outside choose a sunny place.

3.- In the culture in interior, we must assure also the tomato plants a good circulation of air. Turn on a fan near them for 5-10 minutes twice a day creates a breeze that seems to be like a lot. Another option is to move and shake a little to each pot by hand for a few minutes, with care of course.

4.- The tomatoes prefer warm temperatures. If you live in a place of cold winters, it will be advisable that you cover the plot where you are going to plant your tomato plants at least two weeks before. Those few degrees we raise the temperature of the soil will very well to the tomato plants. You can even plant them by drilling the plastic and let it cover the ground until the arrival of the warm temperatures of the summer.

5.- We can plant a little deeper of what was the plant in the pot. Even until the first leaves from the top. Is achieved so that the plant develops roots in that part of the trunk buried.

6.- If we have not left the plastic as mentioned in point 4 it will be advisable to mulch the soil until temperatures rise. Mulch will help preserve moisture in the soil.

7.- As soon as the plants reach a height of 90 cm, it is advisable to remove the leaves from the bottom part. The first 30 cm of the stem, counting from the ground, must be free of leaves. The reason is to try to prevent fungal diseases. That usually aquejar first on the lower leaves as they are less exposed to air circulation and are also closer to the ground and exposed to the pathogens of the same. Spraying weekly with compost tea also works well to help prevent these problems.

8.- Pinch and remove suckers that appear in the axils of the branches is a necessary practice. We will be a saving of energy cost to the plant that you can dedicate to fruiting. We can also remove some branches to let the center of the plant more open and thus enhance the circulation of air. But with moderation, not by much, the plant needs the leaves to carry out photosynthesis.

9.- The watering of the tomatoes should be plentiful and above all regular. A watering spot and exaggerated it can cause cracking of the tomatoes and its subsequent putrefaction. A good watering weekly is sufficient in the spring, when the heat increases face to the summer increase the frequency of irrigation. It is normal, when it’s hot, the plant will see a bit lax but if we see that it is recovered to the fall of the sun is that it needs water. When the tomatoes begin to ripen, we can lower a bit the frequency of irrigation.

10.- There is an important division in the classification of tomatoes. So we speak of determinate tomatoes and indeterminate. The difference lies in that the first to reach a certain height and no longer grow more. In addition they bloom fairly early and their fruits ripen all at once. Tomatoes indeterminate occur, as a general rule, fruit is big and juicy. The plant takes to flower as it develops much before you do it. Pinching the main stems can help to bloom before the plant. This is also a good trick is to forward the ripening of the fruits at the end of the season.


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