Walls of gabions, what they are and how to use them

A wall of gabion is nothing more than a wall made with stones and mesh of galvanized steel or stainless steel. They are very simple materials that are commonly used in construction. This way of using them in combination provides a good, practical and aesthetic. Can be used both to delimit a plot of land or garden, or to make separations inside of the same that we want.

As we see in this image work very well when there is that ensure a slope or any area that steep garden. Avoid landslides and erosion. They are functional and relatively inexpensive. The gabion as such it is the steel basket that is then filled of stones, although it can also be combined with wood or other materials. Inside are placed the stones, of greater or lesser size, and the way that we want.

You can achieve aesthetic effects, very interesting by changing the shape and finish of the materials. Here we see a couple of examples. The steel mesh used is not galvanized to achieve a finish that’s rust to play with the iron ladder. At the same time we can observe in the center of the wall that you have used the whiteboard combined with other stones. The board, by its fracture, flat tiles, allows to achieve an aesthetic effect really interesting. And can be used both alone and in combination with other types of stones.

Another interesting use is the one that we see in this garden in terraces where you have used the walls of the gabion containment of the different terraces. We can see another interesting feature, the gabions used in this occasion are made with mesh steel and profiles of the same material, which gives it a look different and original.


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