Mushroom Spore Print #shorts

Spore prints can be taken to identify mushrooms including store-bought and wild ones, however, this should not be the only indicator used. More info below. Making a mushroom spore print is a fun and educational activity! This is done with fresh mushrooms, dry ones won’t work. 🍄 The glass is placed over the mushroom to raise the humidity and prevent the spores from scattering. You can speed up the process by placing a drop of water on top of the cap. The print can be preserved by spraying it with hair spray. It would be neat to have several put together and framed. It’s a good idea to lay white and black paper side by side then put the mushroom in the middle in case the spores are dark so they can be seen. 🍄A single mushroom spore isn’t visible to the naked eye, but a spore print allows us to see them en masse. This method can help with wild mushroom identification, but should not be the only indicator used. The color of spores can determine which family the mushroom belongs to. 🍄Spores are the reproductive cells of fungi containing genetic material. In the wild, spores are dispersed by wind, animals, insects, or by rain. Spore prints can be used to cultivate mushrooms when done on a sterile surface such as a tin foil sterilized with isopropyl alcohol. Transfer of spores is done in a sterile environment. ⚠️Please keep in mind that a spore print will not identify a mushroom entirely. Don’t eat wild mushrooms unless it is accurately identified and you know 💯 that they’re not poisonous. It’s best to contact a professional to help you. It’s also a good idea to acquire a guide book. The one we use is, “National Audubon Society, Field Guide to North American Mushrooms” by @audubonsociety . ✅Please always do your own research. Hope you enjoy this video and find it helpful! 🍄❤️ #shorts #fungi #mushroom #fungus #shiitake #growfood #growingyourownfood #organicgardening

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