Perennial Kale 🥬 Plant Once Harvest For Years! #shorts

This mix is called “Homesteader’s Kaleidoscopic Kale Grex” created by plant breeder Chris Homanics, (Scientific name: Brassica oleracea var. ramosa). Each seed develops into a unique variety differing in leaf sizes, colors, and shapes. They’re all beautifully diverse! This video shows multiple variants of kale, but they’re all offspring of an interbreeding mix consisting of perennial purple tree collard and Daubenton kale, then crossed with several other kales, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, as well as other brassica varieties. These plants are known to be drought-tolerant and cold-hardy down to USDA zone 6 (-10 F to 0 F), but may thrive in a colder climate with protection. ✅Remember that perennial plants regenerate every year as long as they are hardy to your climate. Some are evergreens in mild regions. ✅Perennials are low maintenance once established and will produce for many years given the right growing conditions. They keep the soil intact, preventing erosion and house microbes in their rhizosphere or root system. 💚Let me know if you decide to grow these and would love to see how your plants turn out! There are other color variations other than the ones shown in this reel. Happy Gardening!💜💚💜💚 If you’re interested in this crop, I acquired the seeds from @onegreenworld and @experimentalfarmnetwork #kale #collards #permaculture #growfood #vegetablegarden

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