Plants consume a high quantity for garden paths

Roads and trails are an important piece of the design of any garden. Perhaps the most tend to like are those that combine stone and plants cubresuelos. The truth is that it is a combination great for decorating our garden. But the doubt may be the time to choose the plant cubresuelos that we are going to use. Below we show you a few so that you can choose the one you like.

The Isotoma fluviatilis is a plant very versatile and durable. Holds perfectly the foot and has a rapid growth. Its small blue flowers star-shaped are a plus decorative very important.

The creeping thyme, Thymus serpyllum, is a variety of thyme that spreads with ease. Its foliage is of a grayish-green and its flowers are purple. It is very low maintenance and drought tolerant.

The Pratia pedunculata is a vine amazing that will surprise you with its tiny green leaves and purple flowers. This evergreen plant is ideal for planting between the slabs of the pavement. Prefers moist soil and can be easily multiplied by cutting.

The Sagina Subulata or irish moss is a plant growth tracking very popular that is commonly used in roads and walkways. Way a carpet is very thick, of a bright green color. Pequeñas white flowers begin to appear in late spring. If you want to incorporate the irish moss in your garden keep in mind that you don’t like the drought or the soil waterlogged.

Leptinella Squalida is an excellent evergreen plant for garden paths. It is of low growth and very easy to care for. It is a very resilient plant that tolerates well the traffic light. If you want a fast coverage this plant is one of the best options.

The monetary, Lysimachia Nummilaria, is a plant of leaves of a yellowish green that turn orange in winter. Therefore, in addition to being a plant-resistant and low-maintenance it is very decorative. You need a good exposure to the sun.

The sedo bastard, Sedum spurium, grows well in tough environments. Needs a lot of sun and a poor soil. Be careful with excess water. There are a large number of varieties of this plant in different colors of foliage and flowering.

The false plumbago, Ceratostigma plumbaginoides, is an herb with a creeping growth which spreads with ease. It is commonly used as cubresuelos due to its green leaves and blue flowers. It grows well in full sun though it also tolerates partial shade. Supports quite well the drought.

Alquimila alpine or Alchemilla alpina is a plant of the family Rosaceae that is ideal for growing in rocky outcrops. This plant is very attractive by its green leaves and its yellow flowers that appear in summer.

Mother of a thousand or tears of angel, Soleirolia Soleirolii, is a superb cubresuelos that creates a thick green carpet in the garden. It is an aromatic plant that also takes a beautiful red color in autumn. It is low maintenance and can grow both in full sun as in shade.


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