Planting a Lasagna Bulb Garden! 🌷🌷 #shorts

Are you planting a lasagna bulb garden this fall? 🌸Lasagna planting (layering) creates a beautiful display of spring blossoms by planting early, mid, and late blooming varieties in layers. The bulbs are planted at proper depths for each variant with the latest blooming at the bottom layer. This method originated from the Netherlands, developed by Dutch bulb mavens or experts. ✅ Choose a pot that’s 12 to 15 inches in height. Use a well-draining potting mix. Bulbs will rot if they sit in excess moisture. You can also add a handful or two of perlite to your potting soil to improve drainage and aeration. ✅ Bottom layer: late blooming tulips, middle: hyacinths, and top: Muscari (grape hyacinth), crocuses, and snowdrops. ✳️Recommended depth in pots: tulips: 7-8”, hyacinths: 5-6”, Muscari 4-5”, snowdrops and crocuses 3” deep. ✅Remember fall-planted flower bulbs require a chilling period which induces flowering. Depending on variety this can range from 10-16 weeks with temps between 32-45 F. For zones 9 and above, this process can be done by placing the bulbs in the refrigerator. Place bulbs in a paper bag in the vegetable/fruit drawer, avoid putting fruits with them as the ethylene gas produced from the ripening process can damage the bulbs. ✅ Water if the soil is dry to promote root development. Keep soil slightly moist, but not saturated. If the bulbs sit in very wet soil they’ll rot. They’ll be dormant in winter. Protect with mulch from frost and fluctuating temperatures. ✅❄️If you live in a cold climate, consider placing the pots in a sheltered area such as an unheated garage or shed. This can prevent bulbs from freezing, thawing, then rotting. ✅🌷Water in spring if the soil is dry once flower buds appear. If there’s no rainfall, water an inch per week through the growing season. Thanks to for their helpful tips and inspiration! 🌷🌷🌷 Make sure to save this reel and let me know if you do decide to try this method. 🌷🌼 #shorts #pollinatorgarden #flowerbulbs #containergarden #flowerbulbsdotcom #pollinators

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