Planting Potatoes #shorts

To sprout or chit potatoes: ✅ Place tubers on a container that allows good ventilation. You can reuse egg cartons and place one potato in each section making sure the eyes are side up. The sprouts emerge from these tiny depressions. ✅ Place in a cool and brightly lit room such as a south-facing window. It will take about 4-6 weeks for the shoots to emerge. When they are 3/4 to 1 inch long, they are ready for planting. Plant out when outdoor temperature is consistently 50 F. ✅ Potatoes can be planted as soon as the soil is workable and soil temperature is at least 40 F. They are usually planted in late winter through spring: March-May. For late summer to fall harvest, plant them by mid-June. ✅ For best results, plant certified seed potatoes which are generally disease-free, although grown store-bought ones before and have done well. You can cut the potatoes into 2-inch pieces with at least 2 eyes. Let them form a scab for a couple of days before planting. ✅ Plant 4-6” deep, 12” apart as shown. If planting in trenches, rows are spaced 24” apart. ✅ Potatoes thrive best in full ☀️, but will tolerate part shade. They will have higher yields if grown in ☀️. Soil should be fertile, loamy, and well-draining. ✅ Keep tubers covered with mulch, compost or soil to prevent them from turning green. If exposed to ☀️ they can become inedible due to development of a ☠️ compound called Solanine. ✅ Most determinate types are early season which don’t require hilling or mulching as tubers grow in one layer near the seed potato. Indeterminate or late-season varieties should be mounded as tubers develop along the stolons that emerge from the main stems. ✅ Harvest time will depend on variety and growing conditions. Early season potatoes: 75 to 95 days; mid-season: 90 to 110; late season: 100 to 135 days. Tubers are ready to harvest when plants die back. ✳️ If you live in a mild climate they can overwinter in the soil and will sprout as the weather warms. We don’t always find all the tubers, so we usually get some volunteer crops!😁 I hope you find these tips helpful! Happy Gardening!🌱💚 #shorts #potato #vegetablegarden #gardeningtips #growfood

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