Propagated by division of the aromatic supermarket

In many supermarkets and other large surfaces dedicated to food distribution is common to find small pots with fresh herbs. Although they are intended for immediate consumption we can also use them to have a herb garden at home.

As these are young plants from a nursery are typically composed by several clumps that have grown together. Well, nothing easier than to separate them and plant them in several pots to have it right away a few specimens of each variety.

Materials needed:

  • the aromatic herbs that we have purchased
  • substrate
  • pots of 9 cm in diameter

After soaking, if necessary, the substrate, take out the root ball and proceed to separate the different seedlings. Be careful not to break the roots and, as we see in this pot of parsley we can get a lot of seedlings. Instead of planting each copy individually, we can create multiple groups to ensure success in every pot.

Fill the pot until about 2/3 about with new substrate and place the pántula or group of them that we want. Just fill with substrate and water. Remember that you should not bury the plant more of what was in his pot above, and seeks to place it as targeted as possible, something pretty easy in a pot so small by the way.

Cut the aerial part of the plant, leaving a few centimeters at the base of the stems. Take advantage of the stems and leaves cut to cook and leave the pot in a bright place. In very little time that you have left in the pot will produce new shoots which you’ll be able to use in your dishes.

Keep in mind that not all herbs are equal. Some need more humidity, more sun, that will not cost you much to consult the needs of each variety. The evergreen shrubs such as sage, rosemary and thyme are divided into spring and can be planted in a pot or in the soil of our garden. Basil needs temperatures very warm and humid. Like the mint and some other herbaceous plants. The aromatic herbs that you find in the supermarket and that you can spread in this way can be basil, parsley, cilantro, mint, chives, oregano, sage, rosemary, thyme, and chamomile among others.


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