Pruning Raspberries #shorts

When it comes to growing raspberries it’s important to prune the canes to maintain overall plant health and great yields. Raspberry varieties are available in summer-bearing and everbearing (fall-bearing). They develop first year canes known as “primocanes” and second year canes, “floricanes.” The canes can be pruned in late winter or early spring. ☀️Summer Bearing: First year canes are vegetative growth and will set fruit the following summer on second year canes or floricanes. 🍁Everbearing (fall-bearing): Sets fruit on the top portion of primocanes in late summer to early fall and again the following summer on the lower portion of floricanes. ✂️☀️Summer-Bearing: Cut dead floricanes to the ground. Thin floricanes to 4-6 inches apart or 2 to 3 canes per linear foot. Keep the healthy canes and those with a diameter of ¼” or bigger. Remove weak and diseased canes. Tip-prune or head back canes to 5-6 feet tall to prevent canes from becoming top heavy. This will also allow more sunlight and airflow. ✂️🍁Everbearing: Can be pruned two ways. One crop system: All the canes are pruned to the ground in late winter or early spring. All the energy is reserved to produce more abundant yields in the late summer to early fall. Fruits will mature a week or two earlier. ✂️Everbearing: Two-crop system: Follow the procedures for summer bearing. The new primocanes that emerge in spring will set fruit in autumn. Hope you find this helpful! Are you already growing raspberries or do you plan on adding some to your garden? Happy Gardening!💚😊 #shorts #growfood #ediblelandscape #raspberry #foodforest #organicgardening #gardeningtips

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