Play fuchsias by cuttings semileñosos

The fuchsia, Fuchsia Magellanica, is a small shrub and very interesting that stands out above all for its beautiful flowering. Although it is a plant that is grown mainly outdoors it can also grow in indoor. Although to do this you must have an excellent lighting and a cool environment in the winter. To grow indoors is often resort to the Fuchsia triphylla , which gives much better result in these conditions.

Play fuchsias by cuttings semileñosos 1

To play our fuchsia we may need to take cuttings semileñosos, that is to say those that are taken of soft wood. Plus some more elements that we relate to you:

  • a sharp knife
  • hormone enraizante powder
  • a terra-cotta pot small
  • seedlings warm bed

Play fuchsias by cuttings semileñosos 2

We will use the stems more healthy and cut off 7 cm of the top. We will use a very sharp knife and even then it is more sanitize it previously with a chlorine solution. Choose stems that have no flowers or if they had the will remove it.

Play fuchsias by cuttings semileñosos 3

Remove the lower leaves with a clean cut. The cuttings must be only one or two pairs of leaves at the upper end of each of them.

Play fuchsias by cuttings semileñosos 4

We introduce the cut ends of the cuttings in the hormone powder enraizante to increase the likelihood that the stems produce roots. Remove any excess dust to leave a thin layer on each of the cuttings.

Play fuchsias by cuttings semileñosos 5

Fill a terra-cotta pot small with a substrate for cuttings and we put the our in the contour of the same. Watered with care and we put our pot in a warm place. If we have a hotbed of warm bed will be perfect or a mat to hot to germinate seeds. When the cuttings have rooted successfully we will be able to transplant each one to a pot.


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Play fuchsias by cuttings semileñosos 6